D. Gray-Man Vol 9 by Katsura Hoshino Manga Review

Title:  D. Gray-Man Vol 9

Author: Katsura Hoshino

Publisher: Viz

ISBN:  9781421516103

May Contain Spoilers

Lavi, Lenalee, and the rest of the gang have arrived in Japan, only to discover that it’s a hotbed of akuma activity.  The Earl, in Edo, is calling his minions to him, and they are arriving in hordes.  Uh-oh!  It looks like Allen’s friends are in deep doo-doo.  But wait!!  An akuma has been sent to collect Allen, and without his Innocence to protect him, things are looking very grim for our hero!

Ah, what would a shounen manga be without simultaneous hopeless situations occurring for the main cast?  Nothing! That’s what!  There’s lots of danger and desperation, as both Allen and the Exorcists in Japan face the fight of their lives – well, for now, at least.  With all of those akuma, and even some Noah, swarming around Edo, Lavi and Lenalee’s group is in so much trouble!  Allen, where are you?  Oh, yeah, you still haven’t gotten your Innocence back, which is going to make you such easy pickings for the akuma headed your way.  Watch out!

Events are building up, and there’s going to be a showdown between the Noah and the Exorcists.  It hardly seems fair that our battered and exhausted  friends must dive into battle again, but this is manga, where there is no rest for the weary!  We get a break from them, however, as gears are shifted and they are left abruptly behind.  Just as Lavi and Tyki are about to go head to head – figures.

Transition to Allen, and his duel with the nasty fellow who has been sent to escort him back to the Earl.  The two battle away, and the ensuing pages contain way more than your daily allotment of cheese. It’s artery clogging  This is the mascarpone of altercations, thick and slightly cloying, yet ever irresistible. Allen finally finds the key to recovering his Innocence, and it’s just as sappy as you’d expect.  He couldn’t do it for himself, but when trouble beckons for his friends, the way is suddenly clear to him.  Its new form is impressive, but its name didn’t have me quaking in my boots.  And its appearance – so slender and fragile looking.  It’s obvious that I need some convincing that this form of his Innocence is better than the last. Good thing Allen has to race off to save his friends, so we can see it in action again.

Grade:  B

Rated for Older Teen

Review copy provided by  Viz

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