Dororo Vol 2 by Osamu Tezuka Manga Review

Title:  Dororo Vol 2

Author:  Osamu Tezuka

Publisher:  Vertical Inc

ISBN:  9781934287170

May Contain Spoilers

Deformed Hyakkimaru is back, continuing on his journey to reclaim his stolen body parts.  With the impish thief Dororo for company, the two travel the countryside, encountering hideous monsters and equally evil humans.  As sinister forces target Hyakkimaru, he must confront his own inner demons to make himself whole.

Hyakkimaru is so cool!  He’s a touch arrogant, totally self-assured and not willing to bow down to anyone.  He is confident in his fighting abilities, and he’s not about to let some nasty demons get the better of him.  Despite having more than his share of pride, he remains sensitive to others, and he’s always the first to throw himself in harm’s way to save another. 

Dororo’s not so bad, though he’s more like an annoying brat.  He’s the little brother you want to ban from your room – forever.  No matter how many times Hyakkimaru tries to chase the boy from his side, Dororo stubbornly remains, despite the dangers facing them.  Though he’s growing more noble, he can’t leave his tendencies for thievery behind, and he’s constantly in search of things to pilfer.  His skills at skulking around are put to good use by Hyakkimaru, and Dororo is an eyebrow raising master of self-preservation.

All of the action is once again cloaked within a framework of human relations.  The fighting and death-defying scenes are suspenseful, and Dororo must have the nine lives of a cat.  He gets out of the most impossible situations with only a few scrapes and bruises, relying on his noodle, and dumb luck, to get him through.  I enjoy the interaction between Dororo and Hyakkimaru – they squabble like siblings, bickering back and forth and getting on each other’s nerves.  When they work together, there isn’t anything that they can’t accomplish – I wonder how long it will be before they figure that out?

Grade: A-

Rated for NCR

Review copy provided by Vertical Inc

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