Broccoli at AX08

Not a whole lot of information at this panel.  No new announcements, but Jonathan Kung ran through recent releases, including the gorgeous first volume of Cosmode USA.   If you are into cos-play, this is the publication for you. It’s a hardcover and it includes tips and tricks for cos-play.  It’s a very nice looking production.

He also had copies of Koi Cupid, sola, and the new Disgaea artbook.  NUI! sounds cute, about a girl who loves her plushies so much that they come to life, and at only 3 volumes, it will be worth picking up.

After the panel, I asked about the next volume of  Kamui, and also what happened to the Boysenberry line of BL manga.  The answers were kind of vague, but hopefully we will see Kamui in the Fall, and the next Boysenberry books in the winter.  I guess I shouldn’t have been alarmed that the Boysenberry website hasn’t been updated since Nov ’07, or that Sex Friend is 7 months late.

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