Fairy Cube Vol 1 by Kaori Yuki Manga Review

Title:  Fairy Cube Vol 1

Author:  Kaori Yuki

Publisher:  VIZ

ISBN:  9781421516684

May Contain Spoilers

All of his life, Ian Hasumi has been able to see fairies.  This ability has earned him the nickname, “Ian the Liar,” and the contempt of his disbelieving classmates.  He also has a ghostly double, Tokage,  the other part of himself that only he can see.  Tokage hates him and schemes to destroy him.  It’s going to take all of Ian’s courage to protect his friend Rin and defeat the evil Tokage.  With the help of the fairy Ainsel and a Fairy Cube, he just might find the strength to do it.

Kaori Yuki has a gift for telling dark, menacing tales.  In Fairy Cube, she creates a fascinating world.  Ian’s mother was a fairy, and she disappeared when he was a boy.  Left with his grieving father, Ian can see into the Fairy world.  His is an unhappy childhood – everyone thinks he’s a liar because he says he can see fairies, and his father is cold and distant, afraid that he’ll disappear like his mother.  With Tokage to manipulate him, his father is overly controlling and even cruel as he ensures that his son has no means of escape.  That would be so creepy, having a spirit following you around all day, plotting your demise, and not being shy about telling you how much he hates you.  Ugh.

When Tokage finally realizes his dream of taking over Ian’s body, Ian finds that now he’s the spirit, and no one can see him.  When Tokage sets his sights on Ian’s friend, Rin, Ian is enraged.  Rin is the only person who ever believed in Ian.  Ignored by her father and abused by her mother, Ian’s world of fairies seems like the perfect place to her.  Ian vows to protect her from Tokage, and he partners up with Kaito, a mysterious shop keeper, and Ainsel, a fairy who would just as soon eat Ian’s soul as give him a helping hand.  With friends like these, who needs all of those enemies crawling out of the woodwork?

Despite her cluttered backgrounds, I like Kaori Yuki’s artwork.  Her color work is especially beautiful. I love the colors of Ainsel’s frilly skirt and frothy wings on the cover illustration.  Her books seem even more eerie as the elegantly detailed drawings give way to guts and gore dribbling across the panels.

This introduction to Fairy Cube has me looking forward to the next volume.  Ian’s got a heck of a battle ahead of him; Tokage’s strength increases as he kills more spirits.  Soon, he’ll not need Ian’s body anymore, and considering how much he hates him, I’m sure he won’t vacate it and leave it in any condition for Ian to reclaim.  In addition to stopping Tokage, Ian’s got a bunch of pissed off fairies to deal with.  Persecuted by human, they want to create a utopian fairy state – destroying humans in the process.  Yup, can’t wait for this one unfold.

Grade: B+

Rated for Older Teen

Review copy provided by VIZ

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