Magic Lover’s Tower Vol 1 & 2 by Yung & Liang

Title:  Magic Lover’s Tower Vol 1 & 2

Authors:  Kao Yung & Kuan Liang

Publisher:  DrMaster

ISBN:  9781597961530

May Contain Spoilers

Roxanne, the class cleanliness rep, is in love with Logan.  The handsome bad boy is out of reach, however, and he hangs out with a group of bullies.  When Roxanne meets Baphalen, a mysterious guy with magical powers, he offers to help grant her a wish.  By entering the Magic Lover’s Tower, she can participate in an enchanted game.  If the Logan in the game realm declares his love for her, he’ll fall in love with her in the mortal world, too.  But if she fails in the game, he’ll hate her even more! 

Ugh!  I had high hopes for this short series, but, unfortunately, I was left disappointed.  The pacing is so off, it was hard to get immersed in the books.  Worse, the characters were shallow and difficult to like.  Roxanne is smitten with a stuck-up prick who calls her an ugly-hag monster – to her face!  And still she worships him from afar, despite how awful he makes her feel about herself.  I hate books where guys treat girls like crap, and the girl is so stupid that she finds excuses for the bad behavior shoveled their way.  Who wants to chase after a guy who insults you and dismisses you because of how you look?  Just a pet peeve of mine.

The story jumps all over the place, as Roxanne travels into the “game” world, the mortal world, and even the heavenly realm.  Baphalen is a deity, the incense boy for the Old Man under the moon.  He’s a bit of a playboy, doesn’t have a serious thought in his head, and is more interested in causing mischief than carrying out his duties.  When he meets Roxanne, he feels a strange affinity for her, and offers to help her win her true love.  Too bad she thinks it’s Logan, and he acts like such a turd.  It’s hard hoping the heroine lassoes the one she loves when you can’t stand seeing him on a page.

There’s also some sibling rivalry to torment Roxanne.  Her older sister, formerly as gaudy and gawky as Roxanne, has blossomed into a beautiful woman.  Now in college, she doesn’t hesitate to refer to her younger sister as ugly, dissing her in front of Baphalen.  Roslyn is stuck up and selfish, and two 175 page books don’t allow enough time to fix her personality flaws.

Roxanne is a cookie cutter  heroine, uncomfortable with herself and pining after the most attractive boy in school.  She’s a cleanliness freak and her inability to grasp basic mathematical concepts comes back to haunt her in the magical realm.  When she’s in the Magic Lover’s Tower, she is a beautiful version of herself, all the better to win shallow Logan’s attention.  I am not quite sure why, in one game segment, her father shows up to declare that Roxanne is his new queen, mainly because that was way to creepy for me to think about.

I did enjoy the art, and that’s about the only thing that kept me turning the pages.  In direct contrast to the stilted and unconvincing dialog, the illustrations flowed smoothly across the panels, telling a visually interesting tale.  So sad that the words kept invading the drawings and spoiling my enjoyment.

Grade:  D+

Rated for Teen

Review copy provided by DrMaster

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