Metro Survive Vol 2 by Yuki Fujisawa Manga Review

Title:  Metro Survive Vol 2

Author:  Yuki Fujisawa

Publisher:  DrMaster

ISBN:  9781597961264


May Contain Spoilers

Things are mighty grim for Mishima and his small group as they battle hunger and thirst.  Survivors of a massive earthquake, they’ve been buried underground with no way of escape.  With a hostile group controlling the available resources, Mishima’s group has been forced into exile on another level of the subway station.  With no sign of rescue, how long can they survive without food or water?

I didn’t find this volume as enjoyable as the first.  Mishima and his group are still fighting their terrible circumstances, as well as bickering amongst themselves as their situation becomes ever more bleak.  When they finally catch a lucky break and find a treasure trove of food, the other group of survivors, lead by the evil Ryuya and Mashi, soon catch wind of their discovery.  A new battle begins for control of the precious resources, and with the internal strife Mishima’s band suffers, they find themselves, once again, at the mercy of the other group.

This volume focused on just how awful people treat each other, and showed to what lengths they are willing to go to survive.  Ryuya and Mashi’s senseless cruelty really turned me off.  With the stronger group behind them, there wasn’t much point for their vicious behavior.  They did get their just desserts, but not until after leaving behind a growing stack of bodies.  The book just dragged out as one act of cruelty followed another. The story would have been more effective if it had been a couple of chapters shorter, and I found myself growing impatient with the pacing this time around.

In the end, Mishima’s group managed to put aside their petty differences, pulling together and helping each other just when things hit their lowest, most desperate level.  Instead of looking out only for personal best interests, they make sacrifices and place themselves in harm’s way for the best of everyone.  This is still a group of flawed individuals, but they’ve learned to look beyond themselves and put other people ahead of themselves.

Overall, I enjoyed Metro Survive, but I thought that the first volume was far superior to the second.   The first volume captured the desperation of the small group of survivors, and really concentrated on the diverse personalities working together to get through the terrible dilemma they are trapped in.  I couldn’t put it down.  The second volume spent too much time on helpless people being bullied by a bunch of thugs.

Grade:  B-

Rated for Older Teen

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