Metro Survive Vol 1 by Yuki Fujisawa Manga Review

Title:  Metro Survive Vol 1

Author:  Yuki Fujisawa

Publisher:  DrMaster

ISBN:  9781597961257

May Contain Spoilers

Mishima, a maintenance employee at Exopolis Tower, Tokyo’s largest highrise business and entertainment building, is a timid man who allows his employers to push him around.  When he promises to be home in time to celebrate his young son’s birthday, he’s ordered to work overtime and forced to break his word.  On his way home early the next morning, an massive earthquake rattles Tokyo, destroying Exopolis and burying its underground train lines.  Mishima and his fellow passengers are trapped without food or water.  Will they be able to co-operate to free themselves from this nightmare?

This book made me feel very uncomfortable, as the hapless survivors of a major earthquake struggle to stay alive, but I couldn’t put it down.  Grim and gritty, the handful of subway riders are placed in one trying situation after another.  Their diverse personalities clash, causing additional hardships for them as they find their paths to freedom blocked, one after another. 

Mishima, a rather timid man who is thrown into a leadership role, is forced to step forward and take charge if he hopes to see his family again.  He’s more comfortable being in the background, doing what he’s told and not making a fuss. His passive personality is a sore spot in his marriage, as his wife, disappointed that he’s put work ahead of his family, doesn’t understand the intense pressure he’s under at his job.  Threatened with dismissal if he doesn’t work overtime, he would rather break his promise to his son than force his hand with his supervisor.  He’s a very sympathetic character, and as he discovers strengths within himself that he didn’t realize he possessed, he becomes even more likeable.

As their situation becomes more dire, the survivors bicker with each other, further threatening their chances for rescue.  When Mishima’s group meets with a larger, less savory group, things get very tense.  Food is in short supply, as is fresh water, and instead of rationing their supplies, some feel they deserve a larger share of the meager resources.  To see some of the slimeballs waste water shaving and primping their hair just made me cringe.  What is wrong with these idiots?

Metro Survive is a gripping read, and it left me wanting more.  Things were very bleak in this installment, and were about to get even worse. How are these guys going to get out of this situation? 

Grade: A-

Rated for 15+

Review copy provided by DrMaster

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