Love*Com Vol 3 by Aya Nakahara Manga Review


Title:  Love*Com Vol 3

Author:  Aya Nakahara

Publisher:  VIZ

ISBN:  9781421513455

May Contain Spoilers

Risa, ever confused by her feelings for Ôtani, suddenly has some new competition on the scene.  Cute and petite Seiko, the new transfer student, takes an instant liking to Ôtani, and even gives him a very public smooch! Right on the lips!  Has Risa’s indecision cost her a chance with Ôtani?

Ha!  Ôtani really thought he was hot stuff in this volume, after snagging the attention of pretty Seiko.  Strutting about like the cock of the rock, he has his moment in the sun, only to come crashing down later.  While reveling in his glory, he takes every opportunity to get his digs in, mocking Risa because he is irresistible, while she is not.  It’s a wonder she still likes him.

Risa, while battling with her own demons, learns that she’s grown another three-quarters of an inch.  That’s just a tiny bit shy of another whole inch!  Ôtani, on the other hand, has only grown a 1/16th of an inch, making her feel even more giraffe-like when she’s next to him.  Risa starts to take the coward’s way out, insisting that her height is an insurmountable obstacle in a relationship with Ôtani.  Like any teenager, she feels gawky and unattractive, and her impressive height makes her feel like a lumbering ogre. 

Surprising, it’s her rival who insists that what’s important isn’t Risa.  She likes Ôtani because of who he is, not because of who she is.  This important message is simply stated, and left for Risa to ponder.  Does it really matter that she towers over Ôtani?  Doesn’t what’s on the inside count for more than what’s on the outside?  Love*Com’s real charm comes from Risa’s slow acceptance of herself as she navigates through those awkward teenage years. 

Grade: B

Rated for Teen