Dramacon Vol 3 by Svetlana Chmakova

Title:  Dramacon Vol 3

Author: Svetlana Chmakova

Publisher:  TOKYOPOP

ISBN:  9781598161311

May Contain Spoilers

Christie and friends are once again off to Yattacon.  Will Christie’s romance with Matt head for smooth waters, or is rough weather in store for them yet again?  Will Raj work up the courage to let Bethany know that he likes her?  Will Bethany and her mother come to an agreement over her pursuit of art?  Will Matt get glomped?  So many questions!  Only two hundred pages to answer them all! 

The third volume  again captures the chaotic thrill of an anime con, as Christie and Matt strive for little alone time while surrounded by a massive throng of otaku.  Nothing goes smoothly for the on again off again couple, as their inability to communicate and petty bickering threatens to end their relationship before it even has a chance to start.  It’s not helping that Matt’s ex and Christie’s friends insist on interfering, stalking after them and adding to their difficulties.  Christie’s jealousy is a big stumbling block for them to hurdle, and she feels threatened by Emily’s friendship with Matt.  Heck, I’d be a little freaked out about that, too.

All of the plot threads were neatly wrapped up by the end of the book, though some of the conclusions were a little too simple and predictable.  It takes near tragedy for Bethany to find peace with her mother, but I would have liked to see that particular conflict resolved without the threat of near death.  Still, the illustration sequence for that scene were well done, conveying a sense of sorrow and bitterness, and mingling the emotions with the shocking impact of the accident.

The uber high energy characters are all engaging, though I think I’d be exhausted if I had to spend a weekend in their company.  Or maybe they are reflections of the con attending fan lurking in me?  Raj is my favorite member of the supporting cast and he earned his position by bashfully blurting out his affection for Beth.  Hopefully their long distance relationship will be smoother than Matt and Christie’s?

This was a fun series, and I’m sad to see it come to a close.  Romantic and full of humorous illustrations, you’ll be itching to head off to the nearest con before you reach the last page.

Grade:  B

Rated for Teen 13+

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