A Look at The Art of Angel Sanctuary 2: Lost Angel by Kaori Yuki

Title:  The Art of Angel Sanctuary 2: Lost Angel

Author:  Kaori Yuki

Publisher:  VIZ

ISBN:  9781421515038

This is a really sweet artbook.  I love Kaori Yuki’s color work, even though I think her stories can be downright gross.  This oversized hardcover is filled with one gorgeous illustration after another.  There are about 100 pages total, about 50 of which are full color, printed on a heavy, glossy paper. 

After the color pages is a detailed section devoted to character introductions and descriptions.  There’s a ton of background information about the world of Angel Sanctuary, and this section is also packed with thumbnail illustrations from the manga. 

The Title Page Collection follows, and it is a repository of lovely black and white illustrations.  Included is the Episode number each drawing is from, as well as the Hana to Yume issue number that it ran in. 

Next up is a lengthy interview with the artist.  I always find it interesting to read interviews, to learn more about how the authors conceive of their creations, what motivates them, how they work, and even what they do in their spare time.  This was a nicely paced interview, with interesting questions and  thoughtful responses.  Also included are design sketches and Kaori Yuki’s favorite panels.  It’s interesting to see what she considers her best work from the series.

Lost Angel is a stunning piece that Kaori Yuki fans and artbook collectors are going to want to snatch up.  There are so few of these books released over here, and I think that publishers are missing out on a golden opportunity.  Come on! Give us your color pages!

Grade:  A

Review copy provided by VIZ

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