An Early Look at Missile Happy Vol 1 by Miki Kiritani Manga Review

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Title:  Missile Happy! Vol 1

Author:  Miki Kiritani

Publisher:  TOKYOPOP

ISBN:  9781598169324

May Contain Spoilers

When Mikako learns that her beloved sister, Megumi, has agreed to a marriage meeting, she’s immediately suspicious of Rou Kitajima, her prospective partner.  Willing to go to any lengths to protect her sister, she decides to investigate Rou and determine for herself whether he’s good enough for Megumi.  She convinces Rou to let her stay at his apartment for three weeks, and her undercover assignment begins.  Will Mikako reveal the love of her life?

Despite it’s unbelievable premise, this was a pretty cute book.  Mikako is one of those hyper, cheerful girls that, once she sets her mind on something, nothing will stop her from pursuing her goals.  After the death of their parents 12 years ago, Mikako and her sister were adopted by their uncle.  The two became extremely close, and now Mikako doesn’t want to let her sister fall into the clutches of any old guy.  No, the 3rd year junior high schooler is overly protective of her 23 year old sister, and concocts a hair-brained plan to spy on her sister’s prospective husband.  She’ll move in with him!

After successfully infiltrating Rou’s bachelor pad, and on the thinnest of excuses, too, Mikako learns that he’s only a high school student, and he’s agreed to the marriage meeting to appease his demanding father.  He’s the son of a large cosmetics company’s CEO, and instead of following his father’s footsteps, as is expected of him, he’s following his dream of becoming a doctor.  Working part time jobs and paying his own way, he’s not going to settle for the future his father has mapped out for him.

Mikako is immediately drawn to the older Rou, and she’s impressed with how mature he is. He’s made a plan for his life, and she really respects him for his determination.  She soon finds herself in love with him.  Now that she knows Rou is a good guy, she’s forced to wrestle with her jealousy; he’s supposed to be her sister’s prospective match, after all.

The marriage meeting takes place, and despite Mikako’s best efforts to forget Rou and her growing feelings for him, she’s dragged there by her sister.  Comedic chaos ensues, and when it’s over, Megumi is head over heels for Rou’s older brother, and Mikako finds herself kicked out of her home!  Now, she’s moved back into Rou’s, looks like it’s going to be a permanent arrangement. 

Rou’s and Mikako’s blossoming romance is sweet and funny.  Mikako struggles with her lack of confidence, and wonders why someone as smart and together as Rou would fall for someone like her.  This prompts her to strive harder to realize her own goals, which slant towards supporting Rou make his dreams reality.  Sigh. Guess we can’t have everything.

The art reminds me of Meca Tanaka’s work, with densely illustrated, high energy pages.  There’s a lot of detail crammed into the panels, and while it can be visually overwhelming at times, the art is easy to follow and it complements the story.

Also included is the short story, Sentimental Spillover, about a girl who is a big crybaby, and the guy that tries to help her overcome her predisposition for tears.

Missile Happy! Vol 1 will be in stores in October.

Grade:  C+

Rated for Teen 13+

Review copy provided by TOKYOPOP

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