La Corda d’Oro Vol 2 by Yuki Kure Manga Review


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Title:  La Corda d’Oro Vol 2

Author:  Yuki Kure

Publisher:  Viz

ISBN:  9781421508710

May Contain Spoilers

As the music competition draws near, Kahoko is at a loss.  Not only does she have to choose the piece she’s to perform, she also has to find an accompanist.  Not knowing any of the music school students, she doesn’t know who to ask.  When she discovers that her friend Tsuchiura plays piano, she asks him to play with her, but he flatly refuses.  Why won’t he play anymore, and why is he so determined to keep his talent a secret?

Kahoko isn’t finding that it’s any easier to get along with the handsome Len Tsukimori.  He’s cold and focused entirely on perfecting his violin playing.  He does feel a twinge of remorse when Kahoko injures her fingers rushing to his aid when he’s bullied by some other students, but even that barely cracks his icy exterior.  He’s one of those high maintenance kind of guys that makes me wonder why all the girls are so gaga over them.  The meager payoff of all of that work to get him to even smile just doesn’t seem worth all of the effort.

Tsuchiura, on the other hand, is a friendly, likeable guy.  He’s handsome and athletic,  and we even discover that he’s a gifted musician.  Stinging from Tsukimori’s cold dismissal of Kahoko’s musical abilities, he steps to her defense, only to be blithely ignored himself.  When Kahoko chances upon Tsuchiura playing the piano at a music store, she’s amazed and moved by his talent.  She’s taken aback by his adamant insistence that she keep what she’s heard to herself, and begins to wonder why he’s allowing his musical gifts to go to waste. 

Through listening to Tsuchiura play, Kahoko feels a renewed enthusiasm for the contest.  Her love for music is re-ignited, and with the help of her magical violin, she’s able to play like a pro.  While I still find the concept of her enchanted violin a tad far-fetched, and hardly fair for the upcoming competition, I did find this volume more engrossing than the first.   The focus has shifted to Kahoko and her relationship with Tsuchiura and Tsukimori, and the sudden flare of rivalry between the two guys.  As all of their feelings and motivations for music are be explored, the story is gaining momentum.  It still doesn’t break the mold for originality, but it was a solid read. 

Grade:  B

Rated for Teen

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