Delivery Cupid by CJ Michalski Manga Review

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Title:  Delivery Cupid

Author:  CJ Michalski

Publisher:  Boysenberry Books

ISBN:  9781597410298

May Contain Spoilers

Boysenberry’s first yaoi release, Delivery Cupid, is a collection of short stories.  Four of them are interconnected, sharing recurring appearances by God and his faithful white angel, and the final two are stand alone stories.  All of them were cute and entertaining, giving a light-hearted spin on heavenly match-making.

The title story, Delivery Cupid,  stars the half-angel, Tsubasa, and the lecherous Norimasa.  Tsubasa is trying hard to earn his wings and become a full angel, but he’s not having much luck.  God gives him one last chance to successfully complete an assignment, and he even tries to make things easy for him.  Tsubasa’s a cupid, and he’s given a low level target and three arrows to make a little love magic.  Only God made a tiny mistake, and gave Tsubasa the wrong file!  Then, while Tsubasa manages to strike the evil Norimasa with an arrow, he trips and jabs himself as well!  Are they a match made in heaven?

Love Beam is about the shy Kuwano, who has a secret crush on hunky schoolmate Takakura.  After saving an old man from being run over by a car, he’s given an enchanted gun that shoots love beams and causes the person that’s shot to fall in love with him.  A little skeptical, Kuwano learns that the gun works a little too well, and is soon beset with guilt as Takakura falls for him.  How can this ever be true love?

Cinderfella: A Fairy Tale was one of my favorites in this collection.  Poor college student Daisuke is in love with rich boy Yuu, but their worlds couldn’t be further apart.  Daisuke delivers papers to Yuu’s estate, which he kisses lovingly before shoving them through the paper slot, only to watch in horror as Yuu’s vicious dog rips the papers to shreds.  When God chooses Daisuke as the lucky person of the day, he agrees to grant him any wish.  When Daisuke’s invited to a party at Yuu’s, will he be able to make his dream of loving Yuu a reality?

With You Forever was another stand out.  Kazuki is terminally ill and has spent most of his life in the hospital.  He meets Kurou, a black angel, by chance, and the two strike up a friendship.  As they share their dreams and goals, their friendship deepens into love.  Then Kurou learns that Kazuki’s life will end in just a few hours – will the two forge a love that defies death?

The first stand alone chapter, Ai Scream, has college student Riku falling for high school senior Kyosuke.  Riku operates an ice cream wagon in the park, all the while daydreaming about Kyosuke.  With summer drawing to a close, will he have the guts to confess his feelings for Kyosuke?

The last chapter, Under the Star Light, was another favorite.  Ryo has just been fired from his job as a waiter at an exclusive restaurant.  In his despair, he’s approached by Tetsuya, a homeless guy who lives in the park.  As the two unlikely companions share an evening together, Ryo begins to wonder why he’s so attracted to the other man.  This was a really sweet story with two likeable characters.

The art in Delivery Cupid is uncluttered, with attractive character designs. The guys are all hotties, especially Kurou.  CJ Michalski uses a staggering variety of panel shapes and sizes to keep the reader’s attention focused on the pages.  There’s also plenty of humor contained within the book, punctuated by Tsubasa’s failed attempt to be the perfect cupid.  The panel with the two astonished men clutching at their hearts was so funny.

Grade:  B

Rated for Mature – 18+

Review copy provided by Boysenberry/Broccoli Books

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