Aurora Publishing Panel at Anime Expo 2007

Aurora Publishing was founded in California in 2006.  It’s a fully owned subsidiary of Ohzora Publishing in Japan.  Ohzora is an industry leader in manga for women,  boasting 15.8 million readers. They publish 10 manga magazines, and Harlequin manga, as well as Fate/night Stay,  and Project X.

In between announcements at their lively panel, they had raffles for their books, a Toshiba region free DVD player, and a pink DS Light with a Japanese language learning game.  Really wish I had won that.  Or anything, actually!

They jumped right into their titles, which include:

Walkin’ Butterfly by Chihiro Tamaki.  It’s a 4 volume series, and the first volume will be in stores July 15, priced at $10.95.  If you’re at the con this weekend, it’s available at their booth.

In August, Flock of Angels  by Shoko Hamada will be available, and November sees the release of Nightmares for Sale by Kaoru Ohashi.  It’s 2 volumes long, and is about a supernatural pawn shop.  It sounded a little like Pet Shop of Horrors, where the customers don’t always get the outcome they expected.

Next up they discussed the Deux line, which will feature yaoi for 18+ readers.  Their tag line is Where Fantasy Becomes Obsession.  Heehee.

The first title on the plate is Hate to Love You by an author that I really enjoy, Makoto Tateno.  This title was her first foray into yaoi, and it will be available July 15, priced at $12.95.  If you are at AX this weekend, it’s available at the booth.   

The next title in the Deux line is Spring Fever by Yugi Yamada.  It’s actually two stories, as it also includes the bonus short Wildman Blues.  It should be available in mid August.

I Shall Never Return will be available next.  It clocks in at 5 volumes, and the OVA was released by Media Blasters in Feb of ’07.

The next volume of Walkin’ Butterfly will be out in January, and they are anticipating a five to six month gap between the release of new volumes of their series.

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