Counting Down to ACen!

On Thursday, the staff here at Manga Maniac Cafe will be packing up my Jeep and heading to Anime Central.  Staff is probably too strong a word – Kim, my niece, jumped at the chance to attend a convention.  Her price for admission and accommodations?  Weekend servitude and lugging stuff around for Auntie!  She’ll be helping me chase down cos-players, to snap pics of all of their costumed glory.

I’ve got my check list out so hopefully I won’t forget anything major (like the camera!), but it seems that every time I go out of town, I forget something important and have to try to replace it. One time it was the power cord to my laptop; talk about being bummed out.

Check back starting Friday for our con adventures.  If we don’t have the cutting edge on scoops, at least we should have some awesome pictures to share.