Yakitate!! Japan #4 by Takashi Hashiguchi Manga Review

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Title: Yakitate!! Japan #4

Author:  Takashi Hashiguchi

Publisher:  Viz

ISBN:  1421509210

May Contain Spoilers

Kazuma and Kawachi are back, battling it out in the Pantasia Rookie Tournament!  After defeating Mizuno and her high-class melon bread, she throws another challenge at Kazuma and Tsukino – if her gargantuan protector, Koala, defeats Kazuma, Tsukino has to withdraw her claim to be Pantasia’s successor!  If Kazuma wins, she’ll withdraw.  Before he can stop her, Tsukino agrees.  There’s just one problem!  In order to advance to the next round, Kazuma has to make fried noodle bread.  Only he’s never made fried noodles in his life! 

This book was filled with such awful puns, and I’m utterly embarrassed to admit that I laughed at them.  Loudly.  I couldn’t help myself!  The situations and the jokes get more and more ridiculous with each passing volume.  Not that I mind; I find the characters very appealing.  Even Kawachi, who constantly rips on Kazuma for being a simpleton, is a good guy at heart.  This leaves just one character with no personality.  Tsukino, I hope that you become more than Kazuma’s porter before the end of the series.

We had the introduction of a new face,  Mr Ryu.  He operates a noodle factory, and the manager takes the noodle-deficient bakers to meet his old friend.  Don’t be fooled by Mr Ryu’s wimpy profession!  He’s also a master of the ancient Chinese assassination martial arts!!  While he would prefer employing his super deadly slaughter techniques, he seems more than happy to teach the boys how to stir-fry some noodles.  However, even he admits that Kazuma has no chance unless he can come up with something special for his yakisoba.  What will Kazuma do?

This was another romp through the kitchen.  Martial arts baking?  Yes, it’s silly, but it’s oh, so fun! 

Grade: B

Rated for Older Teen