Glacial Period by Nicolas De Crecy Graphic Novel Review

Title:  Glacial Period

Author:  Nicolas De Crecy

Publisher:  NBM Comics Lit & Musee Du Louvre Publications

ISBN:  1561634832

May Contain Spoilers

Thousands of years in the future, a new glacial period has enveloped the world in a sheet of ice.  The past has been forgotten, and a group of archeologists, seeking clues to the history of mankind, stumble upon a most mysterious find.  Coming upon the Louvre, buried in ice and snow, they are bewildered by its contents. 

This was an interesting read.  The main character is a genetically modified canine, Hulk, who looks more like a pig than a dog.  With his sense of smell, which includes a Carbon 14 option, it’s his job to date the archeologists’ finds.  When he is separated from the group, he makes an amazing discovery on his own, and is soon becoming acquainted with the residents of the museum.   Hulk and all of the art objects talk, and through them, the history of the museum is revealed.  Now the antiquities have a favor to ask of Hulk; the museum will soon be swallowed up by a subterranean chasm.  Will he be about to save the long forgotten treasures?

The human archeologists, when they finally find the Louvre, are dumbfounded by the images that surround them.  Their ridiculous speculation over the paintings is amusing, and makes me wonder how  accurate our current understanding of ancient cultures really is. 

For an educational comic to bring awareness to the Louvre, I thought this was really well done.  If you have any interest at all in the Louvre, I think you’ll enjoy this unique glimpse into the museum.

Grade:  B

Review copy provided by NMB