Moon Boy #1 by Lee YoungYou Manwha Review

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Title: Moon Boy #1

Author:  Lee YoungYou

Publisher:  Ice Kunion

ISBN:  895274604x

May Contain Spoilers

Myung-Ee is a boy crazy 5th grader.  When her classmate, Yu-Da discovers that she has a date with Ryu, a popular high school student, he warns her of his reputation.  It seems that several of the girls in his fan club have mysteriously disappeared.  Myung-Ee takes offense to these allegations against the man of her dreams, and gets into a fight with the well-intentioned Yu-Da.  She challenges him to meet her after school so they can settle the matter, and feels strangely let down when the boy never appears.

Five year pass, and Myung-Ee has started at a new school due to her father being transferred for work.  She’s totally shocked when she sees Yu-Da, who had vanished 5 years ago, walking in the hallway.  When she approaches him, he claims that he doesn’t know her.  Drawing the attention of the student council, she insists that he’s the Yu-Da from her past.  Why doesn’t he remember her?  Why are the class leaders so protective of him?

This was a fun book.  Myung-Ee learns that she and Yu-Da are earth rabbits, and the fox tribe is hunting their kind.  It seems that the nasty foxes like eating the rabbits’ livers and drinking their blood.  To make matters worse, Yu-Da is a black rabbit, and if the leader of the fox tribe eats his liver, she’ll gain immortality!  Won’t that suck for the rabbits…

I thought the back-story was highly original.  The rabbits were from the moon, but one day the foxes arrived to feast on the defenseless rabbits.  With little hope for survival on the moon, they fled to the earth.  The hungry foxes followed, and the remaining rabbits formed the Soon-La army to fight them.  They must also rescue Yu-Da, the black rabbit, from their clutches.  The foxes are just waiting for him to become an adult before devouring his liver, so that the gift of immortality will the theirs.

Myung-Ee is determined to save Yu-Da from his gruesome fate.  All those years ago, when she challenged him to meet her after school, all she wanted to do was apologize and give him a pencil to replace the one she had broken.  Crushed when he didn’t show, she swore to never forgive him.  Now that she knows the truth, that he was abducted by the foxes,  she’s equally resolved to save him.  Her mix of emotions was well portrayed; I could really feel her anguish when he didn’t meet her after school, and again when she learned that he’s been living a lie the past five years.

Ice Kunion’s presentation of this installment of Moon Boy is quite nice.  The cover logo is foil stamped and sparkly, and I like the size of their books.  There’s a two-sided foldout just inside the cover, one side profiling the main characters, and the other graced with a floating Yu-Da and close up of Myung-Ee.  I didn’t notice any typographical errors, but I was so caught up in the story that I might have missed some.

Having enjoyed this volume, I have high hopes for the rest of the series.  The characters are likeable, and after a slow start, the storyline zinged along. 

Grade: B

Rated for 13+

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  • February 1, 2007 at 1:37 am

    The art looks nice, and a foldout poster?! A sparkly title?!  I’ll definitely go buy this ^__^ 

  • June 3, 2008 at 1:32 am

    Where is the other poster with Sa-Eun Won on it!!!!???

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