White Guardian by Duo Brand Manga Review


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Title:  White Guardian

Author:  Duo Brand (Haruka Akatsuki & Nobuyoshi Watanabe)

Publisher: DramaQueen

ISBN:  1933809243

May Contain Spoilers

Linth, the prince of Landa, is returning home from years of studying aboard  He is determined to return his county to its glorious days of the past.  Ruled by an indifferent king, Linth finds the court filled with corrupt officials concerned only with their own well-being.  As he slowly gathers loyal followers to his cause, he uncovers a plot to overthrow his father.  Will he be able to discover the identity of the traitor before it’s too late?

It’s a wonder that our prince can get anything accomplished considering how much time he spends in amorous pursuits.  Disguising himself as a common soldier, he is saved by General Sei during a crushing defeat at sea.  Arriving at the General’s private quarters to thank him for saving his life, he soon finds himself ravished by the lecherous commander.  Seeing the sparkle of patriotism shining in his eyes, Linth quickly forgives his intrusion, and even names him General of the imperial guard.

Back at the castle, Linth meets Baron Touri, Sei’s former lover.  Burning with jealously, Touri waits until our simple minded prince is alone, and accosts him in revenge for him stealing the General’s affections.  This cruel act is also quickly forgiven; the baron’s concern for the kingdom prompts the prince to recruit the rapacious Touri into his ranks.  Huh?  You foolish prince!  Both of the men you trust the most have so little regard for you that they both overpowered and violated you!  No wonder the kingdom is going to hell in a hand basket!

Both Linth and, sadly, Sei are rather wimpy when confronted with Touri.  Sei seemed commanding and forceful, until he turned into a stammering idiot whenever Touri was near. 

I thought the art was much better than the story.  There’s just something about a man in uniform, brandishing a sword, that gets my blood racing.  Too bad the characters spent so much time undressed!  I found the story much more interesting when the plot revolved around court intrigues, rather than who was defiling the prince’s royal personage.

DramaQueen did impress me with the quality of this book.  The dust jacket is lovely, with illustrations of Linth on the interior folds.  There’s a color page of Linth and Sei, and under the dust jacket, the cover has a humorous comic strip with Sei.  While I was disappointed with the contents, DQ gets a thumbs up for another nicely packaged release.

Grade:  C

Rated for Mature Readers 18+

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