O-Parts Hunter #1 by Seishi Kishimoto Manga Review

Title:  O-Parts Hunter

Author:  Seishi Kishimoto

Publisher:  Viz

ISBN:  1421508559

May Contain Spoilers

Jio is an outcast who has been hated and abused for as long as he can remember.  Betrayed by his best friend, he succumbs to a voice that promises he’ll never be hurt again as long as he hates others and loves only money.  His dream is world domination, so he’s never at anybody’s mercy again.

Ruby is a treasure hunter.  She’s following in her father’s footsteps, searching for legendary O-Parts, relics from an ancient civilization that can unlock a person’s full potential.  Only O-Parts Tacticians (OPT’s) can wield O-Parts, which can be used for good or evil.  When she meets Jio, she learns that he’s an OPT.  She convinces him to help her realize her dream of becoming a famous treasure hunter.  Will she assist him with his dream of world domination?

O-Parts Hunter seemed like a mish-mash of several other manga series, and it didn’t really have anything that made it unique.  Jio could be an interesting character, but I disliked how the author jumped from the present to flashbacks of his abusive past.   He’s possessed by a blood thirsty demon that takes control of his consciousness during battles, and he has no memory of what happens when the demon awakens.

Ruby reminds me of Bulma from Dragonball, only she has better manners.  She’s a happy go lucky sort, and after Jio rescues her from being eaten by a giant tortoise, she proposes that they join forces and travel together.  She irritates the heck out of Jio because she’s always smiling, and, due to his past, he finds her overtures of friendship insincere. 

The art is scribbly with extremely cluttered backgrounds.  With so much littering the background, it’s hard to focus on the characters and decipher what they’re doing.  Jio’s character design is totally bizarre, and his different colored eyes looked more weird than anything else.

I’m interested to learn more about the demon possessing Jio (he kicks ass), but as the series feels like it’s just revisiting other stories, I don’t know if I’ll read beyond this volume.

Grade: C

Rated for Older Teen

4 thoughts on “O-Parts Hunter #1 by Seishi Kishimoto Manga Review

  • December 30, 2006 at 1:19 am

    Ahahaha they renamed it for the American release eh?  Not surprising, the original name would get bashed so hard by politically correct morons.I’ve only read a little bit of this, but what I’ve read past volume 1 gets better. 

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  • October 8, 2007 at 10:20 am

    I’ve just recently got book 6 of o-parts hunter and it dose have a good story line and well done caricatures. there is a filler manga in the end of the book called trigger another one of his story’s done before o-parts. I hope to continue the manga and maybe post another comment if the story go’s bad so see ya. 

  • March 11, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    awesome, that’s make me wants to cry, also I’ll become as well best at anime artist as him!! :’3 just— wait for me!! I’m think o-part hunter should be on TV at future too..!!! must!!  might my English really bad, because I’m deaf, habit different. I’m start with a ASL then English…talk later!! Death1Note1@aol.com on the myspace

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