The Day of Revolution #2 by Mikiyo Tsuda Manga Review

Title:  The Day of Revolution #2

Author:  Mikiyo Tsuda

Publisher:  Digital Manga

ISBN:  1569708894

May Contain Spoilers

Since learning that he’s really a she, Kei has decided to live life as a girl.  Re-emerging as Megumi, she’s now the most popular girl in school!  With a flock of suitors on her tail, can she fight off their unwelcome attentions and find the guy that’s right for her?

This was such a cute book!  Megumi, terrified of boys after the incident with Nakagawa in the previous volume, latches onto Makoto’s little brother, Mikoto.  A junior high student, he’s short and feminine, and reminds Megumi of herself.  She feels safe with him, unlike the threatened way she feels around her four former friends, who have all declared their love for her.  When the four confront Mikoto, Megumi denies that she has romantic feelings for him; or does she?

In the first volume of the series, Kei/Megumi made the difficult decision to live life as a girl.  However, she was uneasy with the choice, and still acted more masculine than feminine.  In this volume, Megumi finally begins to start thinking and acting like a girl.  As the story progressed, she became more girly, both in looks and in her actions.  She now feels flustered around boys, and even feels intimidated by her former best friends.

This was a funny, light-hearted read, with nice, clean art and likeable characters.  As Mikiyo Tsuda began to feel more comfortable with her characters, the storytelling became more animated and engaging.  There’s no world saving heroics or international conspiracies; this is just the story of a girl, who used to be a boy, and how she learns to accept herself.  And sometimes, that’s all you need.

Grade: A

Rated for 16+

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