My Real Fake Boyfriend by Browning and Kobayashi Manga Review

Title:  Harlequin Pink: My Real Fake Boyfriend

Author:  Amanda Browning & Hiromi Kobayashi

Publisher:  Harlequin

ISBN:  0373180063

May Contain Spoilers

When Rachel’s grandmother has some incriminating letters stolen, it’s up to Rachel and Nathan to get them back.  Rachel’s been head over heels for Nathan for the past two years, but he thinks she’s nothing but a flirt.  She has to pretend to be his girlfriend so they can infiltrate the crook’s home.  Posing as a high stakes gambler and his ditzy girlfriend, they’re soon on the path to danger.  And maybe love, too?

In the vein of a Harlequin romance, the hero unfairly judges the heroine, and holds a misunderstanding against her for almost the entire span of the book.  This is one thing about category romances that I can’t stand.  As the characters get to know one another, they should be mature enough to realize that maybe they were mistaken in their opinion, and forgive the other person before the last chapter.  Judging from my own relationship, there are certainly enough other things to add tension and conflict to a blossoming romance!

Rachel, on the other hand, is optimistic and forgiving.  She’s determined to prove to Nathan that he’s wrong about her.  She is also willing to put herself in danger to protect her grandmother’s reputation.     

Despite the odd shape of the characters’ noses, I really liked the art.  Rachel went from being a frumpy secretary to a drop dead gorgeous blonde, with a wardrobe to die for.  Why does this only happen in books?  Somebody, please draw beautiful designer clothes that I can stuff in my closet!  Nathan’s hair  would have benefited from a trim, but otherwise both characters were attractively rendered.

I’m not entirely convinced that Harlequin is really behind their manga line.  They haven’t updated the Ginger Blossom website with the new releases, and there’s no mention of the next round that’s coming up in January.  While the releases haven’t been earth shaking, it would be sad if the line failed due to a lack of publisher support. 

 Grade: B-

Rated for 12+

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