Three Wishes by Scalera & Akino Manga Review

Title: Harlequin Pink #5 Three Wishes

Author:  Darlene Scalera & Matsuri Akino

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN:  0373180047


May Contain Spoilers

When Megan buys a slow cooker at a garage sale, she’s unprepared for the surprise it contains.  After turning on her new appliance, she learns that it’s home to a genie!  Gregor is the son of the king of genies and a human woman. He’s been rejected by his father because of his mortal blood, and cursed by the goddess Ishtar.  To remove the curse, he must grant the wishes of 2000 humans.  If he can accomplish that, Ishtar will remove the stain of his human blood and make him a pure blood genie. Megan is his 2000th master and if the foolish woman would only make her three wishes, he’ll finally be free of the wretched crockpot!

This was a fun concept, but the story didn’t live up to it’s potential.  Megan is engaged to a wormy accountant that she doesn’t love, but she’s willing to marry him for a secure future.  After her mother was killed in a car accident when she was 13, she was bounced from foster home to foster home.  Working her way through school, she wants nothing more than a hard working husband who will be an attentive father to their children.  She scoffs at the genie and his promises of making her wishes come true.  Maybe her real problem is a lack of imagination?

To add some suspense to the story, there’s a sub-plot about industrial waste and misdirected company funds.  As Megan and her genie are trying to discover the truth behind the illegally dumped chemicals, the story takes a turn for the even more absurd.  After an attempt is made on Megan’s life, she ends up in the hospital, on her deathbed.  Five minutes later she’s skipping out of the hospital.  The ending  is trite and unfulfilling. 

The art was the best part of the book.  Matsuri Akino’s illustrations were highly detailed.  The backgrounds were used to set the scene, and then she focused on the characters and their interactions.  Gregor made for a handsome genie, with his curly locks and pointy ears.  How Megan’s acquaintances could doubt that he was genie is beyond me.  People, the dude has pointy ears!  He’s either a genie or a Vulcan!  Duh!

Overall, I was disappointed with this title.  I never felt emotionally connected to the characters, and their romance lacked spark. 

Grade: C-

Rated for 12 +

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