Four Days of Freedom!

Oh, the joys of Christmas! I have four days off from work!  After stuffing myself with catered Indian fare and a variety of terribly fattening desserts, I gathered up my belongings and just…left!  Early!  What a great way to start celebrating the holidays!

During the next four days, I plan on catching up on some reading, going horseback riding, working off some of the calories I consumed at the office party with some DDR, and blogging.  I have my Christmas shopping completed for the first time in about 8 years, and won’t have to resort to tacky handwritten gift certificates or a mad dash to the mall with the other last minute shoppers.  Yea!

We have one family obligation to fulfill on Sunday.  My parents are having Christmas Eve at their place, so Sunday afternoon is the only time we have to be somewhere.  We haven’t been able to just stay home and relax on Christmas day in years, so I’m looking forward to it.  No dashing from one relative’s to the next, just some quiet time at home.