Soul Rescue #1 by Aya Kanno Manga Review

Title:  Soul Rescue #1

Author:  Aya Kanno

Publisher:  TOKYOPOP

ISBN:  1598166727

May Contain Spoilers

Renji is an angel with aggression issues.  He’s the most powerful angel in the heavens, but when he goes a little overboard in a battle with the devils, God decides it’s time to teach him a lesson.  Banishing him to earth, he gives Renji a daunting task – he must save 10,000 souls before he’ll be allowed back through the pearly gates.  Armed with the Soul Rescue, Renji can heal any emotional hurt or physical injury, but there’s a little catch; God won’t tell him  where it’s located or how to use it!

I found the plot of Soul Rescue rather bland.  It’s saving grace is the art and the pleasant character designs.  The page layouts were much more interesting than the generic “save the soul of the week” chapters.  The sheer variety of panel placement kept my eyes engaged, even if my (admittedly easily distracted) mind wasn’t quite so entertained.

Renji and his supervisor, Kaito, travel from town to town, searching, with the help of Renji’s divine glasses, for souls to save.  Seeking out individuals shrouded by a black shadow, Renji then must learn what ails the person, and then, using compassion (which he lacks) and love (ditto), he must free their soul of whatever is troubling them.  God, it seems, sees Renji’s potential, and believes that if he experiences genuine kindness, he will be able to carry on his will.  No one else shares his optimistic belief.

Just so things aren’t too easy for Renji, the devils make an appearance, and attempt to muck up his soul saving efforts.  Having battled each other in the past, they try to cox him into joining their ranks.  He’s far too violent to be an angel, after all, and he’d have a lot more fun on their side.  If they were snappier dressers, I would have rooted for a shift to the dark side – it would have made the book a little more interesting.

Grade: C

Rated for 13+

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