The Day of Revolution #1 by Mikiyo Tsuda Manga Review

Title: The Day of Revolution #1

Author: Mikiyo Tsuda

Publisher: Digital Manga

ISBN:  1569708908

May Contain Spoilers

Kei has a little problem.  When he passes out at school and is rushed to the doctor, he has a shocking discovery in store.  He is really a she! A hermaphrodite, Kei decides he has no choice but to live the rest of his life as a girl.  The juvenile delinquent  has a frosty relationship with his father, and his mother suggests that they take this opportunity to start all over again as a caring family.  

Dressed in a girls’ uniform and using the name Megumi, he heads back to school, determined to keep his condition a secret.   With the helpful advice of Makoto Yukata, Megumi tries to settle quietly back into a schedule of classes and schoolwork.  Megumi’s secret doesn’t last very long; Kei’s click of friends discover the truth almost at once.  Agreeing that Megumi makes a cute girl, they begin to vie for his affections!

Argh! I don’t know whether to refer to Kei/Megumi as “he” or “she”! 

This was a nice diversion while I waited in the doctor’s office.  The plot is easy to follow, there’s humor, and there’s a gaggle of good looking guys trying to win Kei/Megumi’s affections.  I didn’t care for Kei’s personality when he was a boy; he was a little too self-absorbed, and the conflict with his father didn’t quite ring true.  Once he was a girl, however, the story really got rolling, and Megumi’s personality really started to shine through.  Adjusting to life as a girl, and all the unwanted attention from her former friends, Megumi also has to deal with getting kidnapped by the dim-witted Nakagawa, who wants to be the king of the roof! 

The art was nice, though the backgrounds were a little cluttered.  The character designs were nice, and the page layouts kept the story moving along at a brisk clip.  I can hardly wait for the next volume.

Grade: B+

Recommended for 16+

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