Man’s Best Friend by Kazusa Takashima Review

Title:  Man’s Best Friend – Inu Mo Arukeba

Author: Kazusa Takashima

Publisher: Blu

ISBN:  1598163574

This was a collection of short stories, which included 3 Inu mo Arukeba chapters, two chapters featuring Kasumi and Kentaro, and a last chapter entitled, "Princess Goldfish."

In the Inu mo Arukeba chapters, Ukyo saves a stray dog from some miscreants, and feeling sorry for the mutt, takes him home.  Little does he know that Kuro has admired him from afar, and has prayed to moon to be human. When Ukyo gives the filthy beast a bath, he discovers Kuro’s amazing ability.  Whenever he’s excited, the dog turns into a hot guy, complete with dog ears and a tail!  And he can talk!  Will love blossom between the two heroes?  Of course it will!  This is yaoi!

In "Summer’s Here Again" and "Pinpoint Lovers" Kasumi and Kentaro are re-united after 10 years.  When Kasumi’s parents divorce, he moves away with his mother, but not before the two promise to wait forever for each other.  Though the two don’t quite get off on the right foot, they soon make up for lost time.

In "Princess Goldfish," Keisuke saves a goldfish, a festival prize, from certain doom, and is treated to a night of bliss when the goldfish transforms into a beautiful boy.

How can you not like a guy with a provocatively posed pistol, dog ears, and a tail?  I liked the Ukyo and Kuro chapters the best, mostly because both characters were both so stupid.  These chapters were cute and silly, with Kuro transforming into his human form at the worst possible moments.

The Kasumi and Kentaro chapters were a tad more serious, with Kentaro having to work beyond his jealousy of Kasumi’s tutoring student.  He was a bit of a butthead, but Kasumi was really hot, and that made up for Kentaro’s shortcomings.

The goldfish chapter seemed like a repeat of the Kuro story line, with one difference; Kazusa Takashima portrays goldfish as being smarter than dogs.  I don’t necessarily agree.

Grade: B 

Recommended for Mature readers