Manga Review: The Water Dragon’s Bride V 3 by Rei Toma @shojobeat

May Contain Spoilers

Subaru and Asahi are all grown up! Subaru’s village has become prosperous since Asahi became the water priestess, and other villages view their growth with envy. Believing that Asahi is blessed by the water dragon god, she’s kidnapped by another village hoping to improve their fortunes. Will Asahi be more than a pawn in the struggle between the two villages?

Welp, the humans didn’t waste much time trying to prove how awful they are. Asahi is violently kidnapped, and when the water god does nothing to help her, she realizes that she has no worth to him. So it’s Subaru to the rescue, but when he’s injured, Asahi takes matters into her own hands. It was good to see her save herself, and it was better to see her get the best of the water dragon god.

When the villages go to war, Asahi watches helplessly. The water god put her in this position, where the humans believe that she has powers to bring good fortune, and she resents him for it. She doesn’t want anyone to die because of her. When he returns what he stole from her, she vents her frustrations with her sense of helplessness. Even if the gods did care about the humans, why would they lift a finger to help such treacherous, evil beings? How easy it would be for the water god to destroy them, to wash them all away so they weren’t a bother any more.

The conflict between Asahi and the water dragon god hinges on him finding her worthwhile. Currently, she’s really just beneath his notice. He feels possessive of her, because she is his intended bride, but he feels nothing for her. The push and pull of Asahi forcing him to feel anything for her, or the humans under his care, is intriguing. What will happen if she does get him to acknowledge that he has feelings?

Grade: 4.25 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

Unable to return home, Asahi grows into a lovely young woman. As a priestess, she must spend time with the water dragon god for a ritual every year, but because of her connection to the water dragon god’s power, someone kidnaps her! Will Asahi be able to escape unscathed?

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