Manga Review: The Water Dragon’s Bride V 2 by Rei Toma @shojobeat

May Contain Spoilers

Asahi is terribly ill after Subaru’s mother burned her in a ritual. The water dragon god heals her, making Subaru realize how insignificant he is, when compared to the powers of the god. He’s fearful that the water dragon will take her from him, and he knows that she will always be the bride of the god.

Subaru’s mother proves, once again, just how awful she is. Sure, she’s afraid that Asahi will steal her son away, but even knowing that Asahi has the protection of the water dragon god, she continues to mistreat her. The water dragon god, forced to intervene, quickly proves how powerful he truly is. His distain of humans, who try to force the gods to perform acts to benefit themselves, is on full display. Humans are like insects to him, pests to be exterminated.

When Subaru is hurt while the water dragon god puts on an impressive display of his powers, Asahi is determined to nurse him back to health. A city girl, she has no concept of surviving in the wild, making her task that much more difficult. In a show of benevolence, the water dragon god looks after them and helps Asahi from afar. Is it possible for him to begin to feel emotions?

This was another engaging installment of the series. As Asahi settles into her life in this strange new land, she understands that the probability of her going back home and seeing her parents again are pretty much nil. Thinking that if she becomes the priestess of the water dragon god, he might be moved to help her, she throws herself in learning the village rituals. Both Asahi and Subaru see that the water dragon god has only contempt for humans, and the friction between them grows. Will the water dragon god ever feel anything but distain for humans? Will Asahi ever get her voice back?

Grade: 4.25 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

After a ritual in the village leaves her hovering on the brink of death, Asahi is rescued by the power of the water dragon god! Has he awakened to feelings of compassion, or does Asahi need to flee this treacherous world before something even worse happens to her?