Review: Cowboy Doctor by Rebecca Winters

May Contain Spoilers

This is the second book in Rebecca Winters Sapphire Mountains Cowboys that I’ve read.  I love the setting for this series, but I have the same problem I have with most Rebecca Winters’ books; the insta-love drives me nuts. I just don’t find it believable. It’s hard to trust someone with your heart after you’ve known them for a while, but after two days? Nope. I don’t buy it. However, Cowboy Doctor had enough other things going for it that I just accepted the insta-love and kept turning the pages.

Tracey has accepted a summer job at a dude ranch as a trail guide. She’s had her share of heartbreak, and she needs a break from her normal routine. The teacher is looking forward to a summer of leading tourists through the Montana scenery, but her first day on the job doesn’t go as planned.

While scoping out the ranch’s horses for a mount for herself, she notices that one of the horses is lame. She is mystified why the stable help hasn’t called the vet because the animal is clearly in pain. A quick talk with John, the owner of the ranch and her grandfather’s close friend, has a call to the new vet, who promises to come out and look at the horse when the ranch’s regular vet is on vacation.

Turns out that having Roce give medical attention to Chief turns both of their lives upside down. Wes, John’s troubled grandson, isn’t happy that Tracey pointed out the horse’s injury, and he’s even more angry that the new vet in town administered aid. Wes is in charge of running the stables and overseeing the trail rides, and he makes things very uncomfortable for Tracey. When he and Grady, another stable hand, start constantly inferring with her work, Tracey begins to fear their intentions towards her.

The first time Roce and Tracey lay eyes on each other, they know that they’ve met someone special. Their courtship is rushed and there is little chemistry between them, but that didn’t bother me because of the uptick of danger they both face from Wes and his gang of thugs. While Roce and Tracey try to figure out what Wes is up to, as well as stay as far off his radar as possible, the danger mounts. Something is going on with Chief, and it has placed Tracey and Roce in a serious predicament.

I found this to be a wonderfully ridiculous romance with suspense elements. I gobbled it up, and even as I was shaking my head over the insta-love, the sniper attack, and the helicopters, I still found Cowboy Doctor a fun, diverting read. I completely forgot about reality as Roce and Tracey worked to uncover Wes’ plot against his family.

Grade: 3.5 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book

A COWBOY WHO HEALS Veterinarian Roce Clayton is starting to wonder if the woman of his dreams doesn’t actually exist. So he’s focusing on another dream–opening his own veterinary clinic on his family’s land beneath Montana’s Sapphire Mountains. When he’s called to a nearby ranch to treat an injured horse, Roce is greeted by the most gorgeous woman he’s ever seen. Maybe dreams do come true. Tracey Marcroft hopes that a summer working with horses will help her forget losing her fiance. Instead, she’s confronted with a hostile ranch hand who’s trying to scare her off…and who is definitely hiding something. But with Roce at her side, Tracey is discovering that this handsome cowboy doctor won’t just protect her…he might just heal her broken heart.