Review: Kane by Sinclair Jayne

May Contain Spoilers

I have to admit that secret baby stories aren’t my favorite, but that was actually what I enjoyed most about Kane. I have been working my way slowly through the American Extreme Bull Riders series, and since Sinclair Jayne is a new to me author, I decided to request Kane from the publisher. I usually enjoy second chance at love romances, but this one didn’t convince me that Sky and Kane are made for each other. There were so many hard stops in their relationship, I despaired at them ever working out their differences.

When Sky was 19 and Kane was 22, they spent the summer together, touring the AEBR circuit. Kane was really just starting on his mercurial rise to the top of the standings, and Sky was just happy to be with the man she loved. Only Kane never told her he loved her too, and when he dropped her off at the airport at the end of the summer, he never looked back as she stood watching him walk away. As she prepped for college, he immediately was photographed with beautiful women, breaking Sky’s heart. His texts and calls dropped off to nothing, and by the time she realized she was pregnant, she decided to do the noble thing and not contact Kane. He was obviously over her, and because of her own parents example, she didn’t want him burdened with a child he didn’t want and would come to resent.

Fast forward four years. Kane shows up at the art gallery where Sky’s work is the highlight of a charity auction for a hospital. He is there to confront her about using a trademarked image, and when he sees Sky’s daughter, the spitting image of himself, he loses it. Sky has betrayed him, and he’s not going to let her get away with keeping his child away from him. He hustles Sky and Montana into his truck, and hauls them six hours away to his next competition.

Okay. I wasn’t a big fan of this scenario. Sky has no purse, no money, no phone – in short, no way to take care of her young daughter if something happens to Kane. Which happens. Because of course it does. I just thought that showed a selfish side of Kane, which recurred thorough the story, that was very difficult for me to reconcile. He steamrolls back into Sky’s life, and constantly berates her for keeping his kid from him, even after he agrees that they have to put that behind them if they are going to make any kind of relationship work. At one point, I was so impressed with him because he told himself all of the hurt and betrayal was in the past, but then  he still couldn’t let it go.

I was frustrated with both Kane and Sky because their biggest hurdle to happiness was the inability to communicate. It drove me batty. Sky’s normal speaking tone for the first half of the book is a whisper. I got that she was shy and insecure, but don’t let this guy walk all over you! When she finally found the confidence to speak her mind, I was cheering. Yay! Tell that guy what you really feel, or your relationship is NEVER going to last! Kane was the same. Instead of just leveling with Sky, he remained broody and silent.

If you enjoy brooding, possessive heroes, this will tickle your fancy. I was just hoping for a more self-confident heroine, and more communication between the protagonists.

Grade: 2.75 – 3 stars

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About the book:

Twice-buckled American Extreme Bull Riders tour world champion Kane Wilder is riding high at the top of his game, rolling in fame, adulation, women, and money. When he hits his hometown of Phoenix, he’s sure of another win. Nothing shakes his confidence and focus–until he comes face-to-face with his former friend and lover, Sky, holding the hand of a toddler with his eyes and trademarked dark curls and smile. Suddenly winning is about more than sticking his ride for eight seconds.

When one of her artworks is chosen for a world class hospital guild art auction, Sky Gordon thinks she’s finally going to make a name for herself artistically and cleanse her life and heart of Kane Wilder for good. But when Kane shows up at the gallery and learns the secret she’s kept, Sky realizes more’s at stake than just her pride and heart. Kane may be even more devastatingly sexy, but he doesn’t take no for an answer, and he plays to win at any cost.