Review: The Werebear’s Unwanted Wife by Marina Maddix

May Contain Spoilers

I had so many hopes for The Werebear’s Unwanted Wife, but it failed to meet most of my expectations. Most of my disappointment can be laid purely at the feet of Alex, the hero. He has been promised to the daughter of the Hamilton werebear clan since he was a child. He’s not happy that he has to sacrifice his future to put an end to generations of war between their clans, but his dad browbeats him into going along with the plan. He keeps wondering why he’s never heard anything about his bride to be, or seen her picture, so he sums it up to her being hideously unattractive. Obviously there is something wrong with her. And right there I thought – dude, you are a complete and utter jerk.

Katrina Hamilton knows nothing about her upcoming nuptials.  She’s had a very sheltered life, with body guards and not much freedom. No dates, no parties, not much fun. I couldn’t understand how she didn’t know the terms of the treaty that ended generations of war between their clans. Surely that would be something that was taught to all the little werebear cubs. Thousands and thousands of werebears died during the conflict, so you’d think that it would be something that everyone knew about. But no, she doesn’t realize that her future has been traded for the future of her clan, and her parents don’t tell her until after she’s had a one night stand with a random stranger she meet at her dad’s office.

After Katina and Alex hook up at the start of the story, Alex realizes that he’s made a mistake. He’s going to be married in two days, and the safety of his clan rests on his shoulders. He shouldn’t be hooking up with random she-bears! So after a night of pleasant debauchery, he is incredibly cruel to Katrina, to dissuade her from being a thorn in his side and ruining the fragile peace between the werebear clans. Meh, he just came across as a complete douche. It served him right that he then had to deal with Katrina’s accusations of cheating on her. When Alex tries to throw that back in her face, she was justified in stating that she hadn’t cheated on him, because she didn’t even know that she was engaged to be married. To anyone. Alex did know, and he was sowing some wild oats before he was shackled to the ugly Hamilton werebear he had imagined in his head.

Overall, I wasn’t wowed by The Werebear’s Unwanted Bride. I just didn’t care for the hero enough to care whether or not the protagonists worked out their conflicts. Throw in a psycho stalker, and  I was less than impressed by this one.

Grade: 2.75

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About the book

He didn’t want a wife…but he wanted her.
Bear shifter Katrina Hamilton spent her life obeying her father’s strict rules — and chafing under them. While all her friends were dating, Kat had been forced to watch from the sidelines. So when opportunity falls in her lap in the form of a very sexy stranger, she doesn’t hesitate to follow her heart.
Alex Fairchild just wants one last night of fun before fulfilling his duty to marry a stranger for the good of his werebear clan. He doesn’t expect to fall for his one night stand. He doesn’t expect to take her virginity. And he really doesn’t expect to meet her again…standing at the altar!
Once enemies, now mates, Alex must prove to Kat he’s not the womanizing playboy she believes him to be. But sinister forces lurk in the shadows, ready to do anything to tear the new couple apart. Will their marriage survive? Will they survive?