Review: Cody by Megan Crane

May Contain Spoilers

I enjoy Megan Crane’s Harlequin Presents (penned under Caitlin Crews). The heroes are HP typical alpha-holes, but the angst – how I loves it!  When I saw CODY, I was so excited to read it, especially after reading Kelly Hunter’s CASEY.  CODY, sadly, did not work for me. Let me count the ways.

Skylar is, two years later, still mourning the tragic death of her fiancé.  She feels trapped in a cycle of grief, and has moved back home to Montana, to her childhood home, to try to put her life back into perspective.  When a sexy cowboy shows up at the front door during one of her father’s shindigs, she is intrigued.  Later that evening, their paths cross again, and they have mad, passionate sex on the picnic table. With the party going on just a short distance away.  And they still don’t know each other’s first name.  And I was kind of done with it at that point.

The first chapter really grabbed me. I could feel Skylar’s grief and her frustration with her new normal.  But then I thought everything went off the rails, including my emotional attachment to the story.  Sex with Cody “saved” Skylar, and I just didn’t buy that.  Sex without commitment has no depth, and that’s my biggest gripe with the story.

The lack of depth drove me nuts, and I never got the impression that Cody and Skylar’s relationship developed beyond the physical. Skylar kept Cody at arm’s length almost the entire story. I wasn’t convinced that what they have is an HEA, and without the epilogue, I for sure would considered their relationship short-term. While I liked Skylar, I never really warmed up to Cody, a self-described “dick.” I don’t feel that I ever got to know either of them. Maybe if the story had been longer it would have felt more developed, but in the end, CODY left me wanting more.

Grade: 2.75 stars

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About the book:

Skylar Grey lost everything when her fiancé died. But her move back to her hometown, Billings, Montana is not the fresh start she seeks, as too many people know her tragic tale. But then she meets a bull riding cowboy who treats her like she’s made of fire and everything changes.
Cody Galen joined the American Extreme Bull Riders Tour to make money, not friends. He enjoys whiskey, winning, and women and he doesn’t care who he pisses off while he pursues the hell out of all three. He figures he only has a few years left before his body gives out and he might as well go down hard in a blaze of glory. He knows the pretty thing he meets his first night in Billings is no buckle bunny, but if she wants to play that role, who is he to argue?
Neither one of them is looking for anything lasting. But there’s only one thing more dangerous than riding bulls—and that’s love.