Review: The Princess and the Peer by Tracy Anne Warren

Review by Poo Penny

May Contain Spoilers

Emma is a princess of some small European kingdom, and she has been summoned from what sounded like boarding school to marry the King of…. something. I don’t remember. Well, in a fit, she runs away to London, where she tries to get access to one of her previous mentors. On her way she is robbed, and Nick saves her and takes her to the address, only to find her “friend” is out of town.

So, Nick offers her a place to stay for a week, and seeing as how she was robbed, she really has no where else to go. So, 1 week later, they fall in love, she gives up her royal V-card to this guy in the library, those poor books, and then she writes him the most pathetic “thanks for helping me, I had to go and I’ll never forget you” letter.

Well, needless to say, they run into each other at some ball, and the rest of the book is Nick convincing Emma that they should get married, even though she is betrothed to a King. Emma’s friends try to help, and eventually her sister. The sister helping was SO easy, is it too much to ask for a NOT happily ever after ending? Maybe a mediocre ever after? *Insert Mad Max characters yelling “mediocre!” and spraying silver paint in their mouths.*

Yeah, so pretty boring book.

Grade: 3 stars

Review copy borrowed from our local library

About the book:

From New York Times bestselling author Tracy Anne Warren comes an enchanting new trilogy about three princesses brought together by friendship and fate. This is Princess Emma’s story…
When a royal summons from her brother arrives, Emma knows it’s time to embrace her duties as the princess of a small European kingdom, and marry the man her brother has chosen for her…a stranger she has never met. Instead she does what any self-respecting princess would do—she runs away. All she wants is one week in London. One week to experience everything life has to offer, before she is locked away in a loveless marriage forever…
Former naval captain Nick Gregory has inherited a title he never wanted. As the new Earl of Lyndhurst, he chafes against his landlocked existence—until fate brings a mysterious young beauty across his path. Believing she’s an unemployed governess, Nick offers shelter and protection to the captivating girl, never guessing her true identity.
Emma falls hard for Nick, but knowing they have no future, she flees once more—this time back to her royal responsibilities. But when she and Nick unexpectedly meet again, she learns that against all odds, he’s determined to make this princess his bride…