Review: Pony Express Courtship by Rhonda Gibson

May Contain Spoilers What a heartwarming read! I loved how dedicated to each other everyone in the Young family was. Rebecca is trying to raise her family after the death of her husband, but she is leery of the arrangements her late husband made to have her farm become a Pony Express station. Her adopted sons are going to be riders, and right off the bat Rebecca has reservations about the safety of this endeavor. The boys do need to earn money so they can build lives for themselves, but Rebecca can’t help but worry about them being on the trail by themselves. Seth, the new station master, has reservations of his own. He’s here to whip the boys into shape and teach them survival skills for the trail, but Rebecca is constantly questioning his methods, like a mother hen. No wonder the Pony Express prefers hiring orphans! This is a dangerous job and now Seth is beginning to worry about the boys’ safety as well. It’s hard for him to do his job as he develops feelings for the boys and their young mother. Pony Express Courtship is just a nice, sweet read. Everyone cares for each other, and the sincerity of their feelings really shine throughout the story. This is a story about the strength of family and friends, and it is a prefect feel good read. I’m looking forward to more in this series. Grade: 4.5 stars Review copy borrowed from my local library About the book Winning the Widow’s Heart Turning her farm into a Pony Express station is the only way for recently widowed Rebecca Young to provide for her seven adopted sons and her young daughter. It also means contending with new station manager Seth Armstrong as he trains her boys to be riders. But Rebecca soon sees he has her children’s best interests at heart—and perhaps hers, too… Seth plans on staying long enough to teach the boys how to survive the trail, before continuing on to search for his lost mail-order bride. But now, as he works so closely with Rebecca and her children, he’s glimpsing the possibility of a different future. Could changing course bring this cowboy the chance of true love and fatherhood he never expected? Saddles and Spurs: Daring Pony Express riders risk all for duty—and for love