DVD 1 by Kye Young Chon


Title: DVD #1

Author: Kye Young Chon

Publisher: DramaQueen

ISBN:  1933809353

Poor Ddam!  Her boyfriend of 3 years, Sajang, just dumped her after she helped get him into law school.  So what if she occasionally sees things that aren’t really there, like the cow on the subway?  Devastated, she decides to end her life, but not before calling the wacko who left a note in the bra she just bought…

DJ DD and Venu are best buds.  Punker DD longs for a girl who’s real and handsome Venu just lusts after big breasts.  When Venu leaves a note in a department store bra, he opens the window of opportunity for Ddam.  Will she be able to put aside her sadness, and find meaning to her life again?

OMG!  This book was so funny!  I never would have picked it up because of the cover.  Skinny guys in torn fishnet stocks and black skivvies just aren’t my thing!  Once I started reading, however, I couldn’t put it down.  The banter between the somewhat dim-witted Venu and DD is just hilarious, as is their uncouth behavior.  They have spitting contents in stores and ask girls at point-blank if they’re wearing a padded bra! 

I didn’t care for the art at first, but it quickly grew on me.  The characters’ faces are so expressive and funny.   The page layouts were great, too.  There was a lot of variety to the panels, and plenty of large, eye-catching illustrations were sprinkled among the pages.  There’s also a pretty, full-color interior page of Ddam.

The presentation of this book is equally good.  There’s a dust-cover, which includes a blurb for Volume 2 on the rear interior flap, and some words from the author on the front flap.  I didn’t notice any glaring typos, and the dialog flowed very naturally.  The original sound effects were all edited into English, and the fonts didn’t detract from the art. 

If you’re in the mood for a few laughs, run out and find a copy of this book!  The characters are so outlandish, you won’t be able to help yourself from chuckling along with their exploits.  I can’t wait for the next one!

Grade: A