OT – Random Riding Lesson – Are We There Yet?


Last night I took a riding lesson with Roxanne and Krystal way out in the boonies. I raced from work over to Karla’s after wolfing down a package of Thai noodles, and then we drove for an hour to arrive at the barn, just in time to wait because the lessons were running late. *sigh*

Roxanne went first. She is catch riding at ASHAM next weekend, so she rode the horse she’ll be showing. Her lesson was only about 20 minutes. Yeah! I was really tired by that time and just wanted to get on a horse and then go home.

Krystal was next. I thought we would be riding in a group lesson; I was disappointed to find out we weren’t. The arena is about half the size of DHS’s, but there is an observation room with a bathroom. The barn was clean and well kept. Overall, the farm was nice, but it’s so far away!

They brought out a paint while Krystal was still riding, and I hopped  on. The horse’s name was Vinny, and he’s a country pleasure horse. That means he doesn’t have a lot of forward motion, and doesn’t trot very high. He had a nice head set, though, and I didn’t have to fight to keep his head up.

Vinny was a lot of work! It was rather warm last night, and I soon worked up a sweat. He was a notch lazier than Harley – argh! The entire time we worked at the posting trot it was sit, kick, up, sit, kick, up. I can’t believe how quickly I became tired! The canter was the same – stride, kick, stride, kick, and he still kept falling out of it! I was able to get the correct canter leads every time he took off, though.

After the lesson, we went out for a bite to eat. The Tomato Kitchen was right by the freeway, so we stopped there. It was ok, but it was so far past my bedtime that all I wanted to do was go home and sleep! I didn’t get home until after 11, and I have to get up at 4:45!!