Review: Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas by Emily McKay

May Contain Spoilers

I enjoyed How Willa Got Her Groove Back, so I was looking forward to Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas.  This didn’t work as well for me, and I didn’t find it as engaging as the first book.  It was clicking right along until right after the wedding, and then it fell apart for me.

Willa has warmed up to the idea of her father, Matt, marrying Mia, American’s most popular actress. The only problem with this?  Mia’s son, Finn.  Willa and Finn are attracted to each other, but for, well, REASONS, they can’t be together, so they spend whatever time together bickering.  This worked well until after Matt and Mia jet off to a secluded island for their honeymoon. Then, when Willa discovers that Finn is staying at Mia’s house, alone, while she has been handed over to Hamesh’s family, she’s incensed.  It’s like her own father doesn’t think she’s mature enough to stay home alone.

I have to agree that Willa’s behavior wasn’t very mature.  She is dating Damien, a douche bag, because she thinks that once she graduates and heads off to college, she can just set him aside and not have her feelings involved.  Damien is a jerk, and the fact Willa allowed him to use her for her new connections was frustrating.  The kicker was when he planned a huge party at Mia’s house, without Willa’s knowledge or permission, despite promising her that he wouldn’t do that.  He was a jerk, and she put up with him for far too long, all because she was afraid of getting too attached.  To a douche bag.

Finn has promised Matt that he’s stay far, far away from Willa. Only problem? He really, really likes her.  Like he’s crushing hard on her.  He can’t help himself.  He sees her as refreshing and adorable (I hate this word) after the phonies that have been chasing him due to his connection to Mia.  I actually liked Finn, and thought he was decent guy.  It was Willa I had trouble with.

For such a smart girl, Willa did some really dumb things.  I found her irritating this time around.  In the previous novel, I could understand her reluctance for her father to remarry.  They were a team, just the two of them, and she was apprehensive about anyone intruding in their lives.  Especially Mia, a superstar, who seemed out her father’s league.  Willa was terrified that Mia would break her father’s heart, leaving Matt just as broken as when her mother died.  The one thing that Willa seemed to forget in all of that drama, though, was that Matt was the adult, and that he had a right to make his own decisions and his own mistakes.  In this book, Willa is satisfied that Mia is actually good for her father.  Willa and Finn fight like cats and dogs because Willa is afraid that this time she’ll be the one with the broken heart.  So instead she settles with a selfish, emotionally bankrupt guy because she doesn’t want her feelings hurt when she goes to college. He’s the guy of her dreams because he’s good looking.  Ugh. 

The second half of the book was a struggle for me to finish.  Maybe I am too old for high school drama.  I had a very hard time staying engaged in the story, and I just didn’t care who Willa ended up with.  She was also emotionally challenged, and I didn’t think that anyone she chose would end up being her HEA.  Happy for now? Maybe. But until she matured, I didn’t think a HEA was possible.

Grade: 2.5 stars

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About the book

Falling in love with the best man wasn’t on the program.

Willa is happy to be the maid of honor in her dad’s upcoming wedding to uber-celeb Mia McCain. Not as happy about the best man being her soon-to-be stepbrother, the infuriating—and infuriatingly gorgeous—Finn McCain. Every time their paths cross, the attraction simmering between them grows a little harder to ignore. Willa knows all about guys like Finn—they only want what they can’t have. What’s between them isn’t real.

Finn has never felt anything more real than what’s developing between him and Willa. Sure, her dad warned him to steer clear, but it’s not just about forbidden temptation. He’s determined to prove to Willa he’s not going anywhere—and that happily-ever-after will always be worth the risk.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a wedding so crazy it’ll make you laugh, a stepbrother so hot he’ll make you swoon, and a heroine so real she’ll make you cry.