OT – Sunday at the Barn – Like Little Worker Bees


M called and asked if I could come out at 3 instead of in the morning.  D had some shoeing jobs he had to wrap up in the morning, and he’s the Blondie guru.  Erin told me she isn’t even working her.  I guess I should feel special that Blondie’s his pet project. Smiley

I had a quick lesson on Harley before he got there.  The first part was with no stirrups (ugh!), and the rest was transitions.  Since Kim has been leasing him for 4H, his head set has really improved!  Too bad he wasn’t like that when I was showing him over the summer.

When D finally arrived, he started working Blondie.  He explained that because the rack is a lateral gait like trotting, he won’t let her trot until she learns how to rack.  Then he has to teach her how to trot again.  Hopefully all of this will happen before April, so we can go to River Ridge.

When it was my turn to ride Blondie, M came in and tried to give me another lesson on slow gaiting.  We just worked one rail again, and concentrated on keeping her in the gait.  This was hard, because I can’t tell yet when she’s doing it and when she’s not!  I also was using my hands too much, jerking the bit to keep her going.  On the last pass, I did it correctly, just jiggling the bit and keeping her going.  We quit after that, to leave off on a good note.

D mentioned that as soon as Woody’s show season is over, I can start riding him to get a better feel for the gait.  After I put Blondie away, I watched D and Robert struggle to drag one of the carts on top of the trailer.  Everyone was busy packing up, so they could take Monday off. They’re planning on leaving at 6 on Tuesday morning, and it’s a 20 hour drive!  Not wanting to get in the way, I left shortly after.