Review: The Guardian’s Virgin Ward by Caitlin Crews


May Contain Spoilers

Good God!  I love Caitlin Crews’ writing.  I have said that numerous times. But some of her books just don’t work for me.  This one.  Ugh.  I loved the beginning.  Liliana is bold and feisty, and she pushes back when Izar tries to control her.  But then.  Not so much.  She becomes a doormat when he whisks her away to Saint Moritz after seducing her and deciding that he will marry her.  Just.  Yuck!  He’s her guardian, and while she’s trapped in the villa, all I could think of was – Stockholm Syndrome.  Yuck!  I wasn’t convinced in any way that their love was genuine, or that it would last.  Because.  YUCK!

I am of two minds about guardian romances.  This one didn’t bother me at first because Liliana has been at boarding school, and then college, and hasn’t seen Izar in ten years.  So when they reunite in New York City, I didn’t feel that there was a vast power inequity between them.  Liliana pretty much takes control of the situation – until she doesn’t.  And the doesn’t allows Izar to pack her up, stash her on his private plane, and hide her away in his mountain villa.  He then dictates everything about her life, from her clothing choices to how he expects her to behave.  I just found it distasteful.  And her earlier rebellion was gone.  It had long fled the scene, allowing her to be content with her, for all intents and purposes, captivity.  Just.  NO!  Even Crews’ emotional, angsty writing couldn’t save this one.  I felt that Liliana was manipulated the entire book, that Izar would always lord over her, and that soon Liliana would be a shadow of her previous self.  Boo! 

Grade: 2 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

He was her formidable guardian…and she craved his touch!

When domineering Spaniard Izar Agustin was made guardian to innocent Liliana Girard Brooks, he couldn’t have known that the passing years would turn this young girl into an alluring woman begging to be shown the unconscious desires of her body. 

For as long as she can remember, Liliana’s coolly elusive keeper has haunted her fevered imagination. Hoping to sever the ties that bind them, she recklessly gives in to one night of sensual abandon, shattering her naive fantasies irrevocably. But the consequences of that night will bind them together…forever!