Review: The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne

May Contain Spoilers

Review by Poo Penny

Well, first let me say I found the history in this book quite interesting. I quite liked that bit.

What I didn’t like was Collin in the beginning. Ugh! He is in a brothel and he sees Ginny serving, and he wants her. He must have her. So he pays for her, no one else can touch her. And she kind of likes the attention, but she’s a virgin. She’s like, no! I don’t do this boss, and the boss is like, you will because I’m an a$$hole. So she and Collin do it, and of course he has the girthiest man parts, and wow that was a weird scene. He takes her virginity, and then she lets him cry. Whatever. Flash forward to a year later, and she has been thinking about him ever since. WHAT? This is where I kept reading only because I liked the background, and I was so mad at Imogen(Ginny) for being obsessed with Collin.

Collin was rescued from the Ottoman Turks, where he was starved and tortured. His hand was cut off, ouch, and Imogen at the hospital nursed him back to health. She correctly diagnosed his condition, and when he awakened he doesn’t remember who she is without her wig and makeup, so he is a freaking jerk. She gets fired, and then she nearly gets raped, which also pissed me off. She did fight off the guy though, so at least there was that. She runs back to the hospital, and dear Lord Anstruther saves the day. Flash forward 2 more years, and now she is a widow, and she is neighbors with Collin and he is fervently searching for his long lost Ginny. WTF? Apparently he can’t remember what she looks like because of his torture. And Imogen is desperate to hide that it was her.

When he does find out, I have to say I was disappointed in his reaction. I felt like he kind of took advantage of her, and then he had a little hissy fit. I would think that after everything, he could put on his big boy pants and they could have a real conversation about it all. And, at this point I was skimming because I was SO MAD at them. I feel like she should have been able to say no, we need to have a conversation before we jump into bed, because we are not the same people we were. But, whatever. I appreciated that she was protective of her family, and that she did what she needed to do to help them. And that she had her “calling” to help the lower class.

Grade:  2 stars

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About the book:

He is noble, notorious, and takes no prisoners…
They say that now His Grace, Collin Talmage, Duke of Trenwyth has only one hand, he might finally be a mere mortal, but no one seems willing to test the theory. Rich as Midas, big as a Viking, beautiful as Adonis, and lethal as a feral wolf, he is the English Empire’s golden son. But now he’s lost everything. Most of his family died in a terrible accident, his protégé and closest friend betrayed him on the battlefield, and his left hand was cut off while he was a prisoner of war. The only thing that’s kept him going until now is the memory of a night spent in the arms of a mysterious raven-haired woman almost a year ago…
Imogen Pritchard is a nurse by day, but a fallen woman—and a spy—by night. Seduced on the job years ago by a Duke who mourned for the loss of his family, Imogen has never shaken the memory of the man’s despair—or the fathomless depths of pleasure he brought to her. But as the threat of betrayals, blackmail, and secrets abound, Imogen and Collin are thrown back together in a dizzying swirl of dangerous games and earthshattering desire. But can their love overcome the everything that threatens to tear them apart?