OT – Lesson 8, Block 5


Sadly, fall is in the air.  It was rather chilly this evening, but at least it was dry.  The weather has been just awful the last few days, with gloomy skies and unending drizzle.  The sun even came out, shining brightly to blind me on my way to the barn; I was driving into the setting sun, and couldn’t even see the traffic signals!  Good thing I haven’t packed away my sunglasses yet.

Tonight I rode with all new riders.  I’ll have to drop Kim an email an find out where she was.  The other riders tonight were Tina (with Gio), Robert (Pepper), and Abby, riding Alex.  I went to Hartmeyers last spring with Robert, Abby, and their mom.  Everyone in the arena shows Morgans but me, so Harley was the only Saddlebred out tonight.  He was still the best looking horse out there!

Abby is going to be showing in the Morgan World Championship in 2 weeks, so we were given the instruction to crowd her so she felt more comfortable riding with traffic.  This reminded of my first group lesson, when the FBI invaded, and only Kim and Jilly were there to get in my way. 

D showed up to shoe some horses, and he suggested we trot figure 8’s, two going one direction, and two riders going the other.  I think he just likes to watch collisions.  Just trotting around in circles is too boring for him, and he likes to toss in some risk.  Kind of like how Jen thought it was exciting when someone fell off during a class at the horse show she went to.  There were many near misses, but nobody ran into anybody else.  Since Harley is so slow, I didn’t have to worry too much about it.

We worked on transitions again for the rest of the lesson.  I still rush the canter.  I don’t set up the horse correctly, but instead hurry through the cues and wonder why the horse picks up the wrong lead.  Good thing I have until April to work on this.

The show horses have been moved to the lower barn, which is attached to the arena.  Yeah!  No more having to pick our way carefully through the ice, snow, or mud, and no more getting soaked when it’s raining.  The tack room was even set up! For the past few weeks, the tack room was just a jumble of equipment tossed into an empty stall in the new barn.  And the dreaded tent was gone!!!  Things are finally getting back to normal!