Review and Giveaway: Baiting the Maid of Honor by Tessa Bailey


Tessa Bailey is fast becoming one of my go to authors when I need a fun, sexy read.  I’ve enjoyed almost everything she’s written, and Baiting the Maid of Honor is one of my favorites.  Some of her heroes are too alpha-holey for me, but Reed, while certainly domineering, starts showing his softer side with a little help from Julie.  At first I didn’t think I liked them together because they are complete opposites, but halfway through the story I was totally convinced that she was the woman to make him happy and allow him to finally trust someone. 

Julie is at a Colorado resort for her friend’s wedding (Kady and Colton from Dare to Resist).  The maid of honor, she takes her wedding duties very seriously.  She has agonized over the wedding preparations, wanting all of her friends and the guests to have a great time, while creating the perfect storybook wedding for Kady.  Reed Lawson has proven difficult from the start.  He was late with his RSVP, and she wasn’t even sure he would be part of the groom’s party, let alone be attending the festivities.  All it takes is one look at each other and they can’t keep their eyes, or hands, to themselves.

Julie is a Southern belle.  She’s lived a life of privilege and luxury, while Reed has struggled for everything he has.  Both of their lives changed after the death of a family member.  Reed’s mother succumbed to cancer when he was a young boy, leaving him with a neglectful father, and Julie’s older sister died unexpectedly in a tragic accident.  Serena had been the responsible sister, the one being groomed to help her parents run their successful business, while Julie planned on escaping from home and attending college.  With her sister gone, someone had to fill the void and be the little event organizer and cater to her parents’ every need, so Julie quit school and stepped into the role of perfect daughter.  Suffering from guilt, questioning her own self-worth, she’s made it her mission to make those around her happy.

Reed and Julie butt heads right from the beginning. He belittles the wedding festivities and is a difficult guest, to say the least.  With his harsh upbringing, he doesn’t have patience for a frilly ceremony or a frilly woman.  He’s attracted to Julie, but he knows a high maintenance rich chick when he sees one.  Still, he’s eager to have his wicked way with her, and get her out of his system for good.

I loved the chemistry between the protagonists.  Even when they are both trying to convince themselves that they are completely wrong for each other, they can’t stay away.  The sexy times are hot, hot, hot – I thought my Kindle would combust a couple of times.  My favorite part of the story, though, was how Reed and Julie’s relationship shifted from a week long fling, to the realization, especially on Reed’s part, that they couldn’t live without the other.  I could almost feel his desperation as he fought against being tied to anyone, and then again when he started to think he would lose her.  Reed’s character development made the book for me.

If you like Tessa Bailey, you will love Baiting the Maid of Honor.  If you haven’t given her a try yet, this is a great read to load on your reader or phone and read while lounging by the pool.  I liked all of the characters, and now I’m curious to read the entire Wedding Dare series.

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Baiting the Maid of Honor by Tessa Bailey

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