Interview with Louise Forster, Author of Home Truths

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Good morning, Louise!  Describe yourself in five words or less.

[Louise Forster] Family. Loving. Tenacious. Strong. Joie de vivre.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Can you tell us a little about Home Truths?

[Louise Forster] Jennifer Dove leaves London for an Australian country town, Tumble Creak, to attend her uncle’s mad-cap funeral. She doesn’t plan on staying, life in London is too exciting, but it turns out not as exciting as a hot country town and a hot gorgeous guy. Calum is out to protect her from all manner of things, especially her uncle’s house. As much as she wants him, Jennifer can’t ignore her past mistakes and her dream. She feels trouble is a touch away, and can’t get back to London fast enough. Calum is more than disappointed she left believing ill of him. But he has plans and he will make them happen, no matter what.

[Manga Maniac Cafe]  Can you share your favorite scene?

[Louise Forster] Calum arrives just in time to see Jennifer’s bottom disappear through a second story window. She is slung over fireman Bruce’s shoulder; he’s a rookie and has only ever rescued a mannequin. Jennifer hears Calum behind her chatting with Bruce. She desperately tries to pull her top down to cover her bum. In fear for her life, she clings to Bruce and is toe-gripping fluffy pink stilettos. Her world below seesaws and someone from the local paper is taking photographs.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What gave you the most trouble with the story?

[Louise Forster] Knowing when to cut and when to stop fiddling.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What’s one thing you won’t leave home without?

[Louise Forster] Hahahaha…my undies, and it never has or ever will happen. But I had friend a while back who was always forgetting to put them on. Halfway to the shops, her face would change, she’d get this “Holy crap!” look. One summer’s day with a hot northerly wind gusting, her dress blew up and a truckie got an eyeful. He was a very happy man. I bet he smiled the rest of the day, especially since he missed the tree.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Name three things on your desk right now.

[Louise Forster] Glass of mineral water. Anniversary card. A photo of DH and me.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What’s your favorite snack when you’re working on a deadline?

[Louise Forster] Anything I can lay my hands on that won’t send me to sleep or give me heart palpitations. I’m allergic to sulphites and Amines, a natural preservative in all foods, some more than others. And the older the food, the more Amines. The allergy unit at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital did a very interesting study on this problem and published a very useful handbook. (Just in case there are any of you out there Smile)

[Manga Maniac Cafe] If you could trade places with anyone for just one day, who would you be?

[Louise Forster] That’s very difficult. But, as I love music, I’m going with Gwen Stefani or Pink. I’d love to be able to belt out a song…and not scare my family, neighbours, and pets.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] You have been granted the use of one superpower for one week. Which power would you choose, and what would you do with it?

[Louise Forster] Other than the obvious, I would love to have skills that enable me to plan out a book in advance and have it all there in my mind and know exactly where it’s going and what’s needed. But then I’d have no surprises popping up…hmmm, I do enjoy those so perhaps not. Okay, to be able to spend time with my favourite authors and talk about writing and how they go about producing great stories.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What are some books that you enjoyed recently?

[Louise Forster] Kristen Ashley: Fantasyland Series. Renea Mason: The Symphony of Light and Winter. Noelle Clark: Rosamanti. Shay Savage: Transcendence. Loretta Chase: Lord of Scoundrels.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] How can readers connect with you?

[Louise Forster]

London-based chef Jennifer Dove loves her exciting, fast-paced life and she has every intention of returning to it ASAP. This trip to Tumble Creek — middle-of-nowhere Australia — is just a blip, a trip out of time, to visit her sister and niece and farewell her beloved Uncle.

But barely hours into her stay, she disturbs an intruder in her uncle’s house, is questioned by police, and finds a pair of fluffy pink stilettos in the bedroom. Things are not all they seem in Tumble Creek, and much as she tries not to, Jennifer is sucked in to the mystery surrounding her uncle. Who is his girlfriend Veronica, and why is she not here? What are the locals hiding? And why can she not get sexy local Calum McGregor out of her mind?

All is not what it seems in this sleepy, small town, and as Jennifer unravels its mysteries, she might just be tying herself to Tumble Creek forever.

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  • June 22, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    Hi Julie, I didn’t even know your interview with me had gone live. Sorry about the late thank you for your work, but thank you. The questions were interesting and at times made me think outside the box 🙂
    Best Louise.

  • June 23, 2014 at 5:52 am

    @Louise – Thank you so much for answering my questions and for dropping by!

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