Lost Boys by Kaname Itsuki


Title: Lost Boys

Author: Kaname Itsuki

Publisher: Digital Manga

Air, the leader of the Lost Boys in Neverland, appears at Mizuki’s window and asks him if he’ll be their father.  He flatly refuses, but Air whisks him off to Neverland anyway!  Poor Mizuki!  How will he find his way home, and more importantly, can he reconcile himself with his own fatherless past?

This was a nice, fluffy read that had more of a plot than the last few yaoi titles that I’ve picked up (that’s not saying much!).  Lost Boys was a fun retelling of Peter Pan.  This could have been a longer story; I was disappointed with how the pirates were short-changed, having only a tiny chapter to strut their stuff.  They were back for a side story at the end, which while amusing, was utterly pointless.  The author must have felt the need to sneak in a more traditional yaoi chapter, featuring sweating, straining bodies and lots of slobbering.  LOL

The art was clean and crisp, with simple, attractive character designs, and not a lot of detail to clutter up the pages.  Digital Manga puts together a nice package, with an actual dust jacket and nice paper stock.  I wish they published more titles that I’m interested in; these are really nice books, especially compared to TOKYOPOP offerings. 

Grade: B