Review: Safe in the Tycoon’s Arms by Jennifer Faye


Safe in the Tycoon’s Arms is kind of an angsty read.  Single mom Kate is struggling to pay the medical expenses for her young daughter, who is suffering from a brain tumor.  Already in debt up to her ears, she’s finally found a surgeon willing to perform the operation that may save Molly’s life.  The only catch?  It’s an experimental procedure, and her insurance company won’t cover any of the costs.  Now Kate has to come up with a down payment for the hospital charges, or they won’t allow the doctor to perform the operation.  At least the guy is being decent enough to waive his fees….


When a good Samaritan lets Kate stay at a house close to the hospital while the owner is out of town, neither Kate nor Lucas, the guy who owns the mansion, expect a late night run-in.  Lucas’ out of town business has gone sour, so he’s returned home unexpectedly.  He reluctantly agrees to let Kate stay the rest of the night, but then he’s determined to find her somewhere else to stay.  After realizing how worried and upset Kate is as her luck keeps getting worse, he allows her to stay temporarily.

This is fast read, and the emotions keep battering away at the reader.   I was so conflicted over Lucas; he was hard for me to like.  Like Kate, he is divorced, but unlike Kate, he has allowed his wife to have complete control of their daughter, even though the lack of contact with her is eating him alive.  His ex is manipulative, and now that she’s remarried, she doesn’t want anything to do with Lucas.  To avoid making Carrie a pawn like his feuding parents did to him while he was a boy, he has decided to gracefully bow out of her life.  He doesn’t want to confuse her, and now that he’s a complete stranger to her, he doesn’t want to frighten her by insisting on spending time with her. 

Scarred by his ex’s betrayal and the subsequent loss of his family, Lucas has shut himself off from the rest of the world.  He lives to work, and spends his focus on making the family jewelry company even more successful.  His emotions are stunted, and when Kate charges into his life, he is left feeling uncomfortable and off kilter.   He doesn’t want to get involved with her, but after seeing how sweet and kind she is, he can’t just kick her out when she has nowhere to go.  Instead, he offers her a job.  He has allowed the family home to fall in to despair, and Kate, an interior designer, is the perfect person to oversee the much needed repairs of the house.  Kate agrees on one condition-when the work on the house is complete, she wants to hold a fundraiser for Molly’s medical bills at his home.  Reluctantly, he agrees.

Now, here is what I didn’t like about Lucas.  Any time the pressure was cranked up and he was forced to feel something, he would run.  Or threaten to not allow Kate to hold the fundraiser at his house.  Thankfully, he was soon apologizing for his immature behavior, but it still bothered me that when the going got tough, he got going. 

Both Kate and Lucas have lost all trust in other people.  Both had dysfunctional parents, followed by dysfunctional marriages.  As they struggle to overcome the scars from their previous relationships, they both begin to heal and to finally put the past into perspective.  It takes a lot of work, and it’s not an easy task.  Just when it looks like they have made progress, an outer conflict interferes and forces them to backtrack.  As they learn to make peace with the failures they have experienced, they grow closer, and are able to accept that relationships are hard work, and if both parties aren’t willing to make an effort, any relationship is doomed to fail.  Putting aside their pride and opening themselves up to rejection isn’t easy, but when they finally take a chance, I was convinced that they had found a happy ending. 

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Safe in the Tycoon’s Arms

By: Jennifer Faye

Releasing March 1st, 2014


The man behind the headlines…

When billionaire Lucas Carrington returns to his New York mansion, he never expects to find beautiful stranger Kate Whitley making herself at home. Invited by his aunt to stay, he soon discovers she’s a woman in need. She’s raising funds for her sick daughter, so he agrees to let her stay—temporarily! 

Kate may not belong in Lucas’s high-society world, but she sees there is more to this tycoon than the headlines suggest. Yet with so much at stake, can she trust herself and her heart with New York’s most sought-after bachelor?

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    Thanks so much for taking the time to read my book and write up a review. 🙂

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    Can’t wait to read this one! I think tycoons are sexy because of the power and confidence they possess.

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