OT – Lesson 7, Block 5


The weather has been awful the last few days, with constant rain.  My drive in to work featured another obstacle course, as I tried in vain to avoid squishing all of the frogs that were stupid enough to stand in the middle of the road.  Some of them were so stupid that they hopped in the direction of my car, instead of away from it.  I figured, sadly, they were too dumb to live.

At the barn, I helped bring in two of the lesson horses.  They were soaking wet, and their pasture was nothing but a huge mud puddle.  Kim got stuck in the muck, and thought that jumping would free her.  Too bad she landed back in the puddle, and splashed mud  in every direction.  Thankfully, I wasn’t standing near her at the time. 

To my disappoint, Harley was my appointed lesson horse.  Blondie is out of commission until D gets her racking again.  And puts her shoes back on. She pulled both of them during her training, and since she started racking better, D decided to leave her barefoot for the time being.  Knowing that she didn’t have to work anymore yesterday, she was very cuddly when I stepped in her stall to say hi.

We worked on transitions most of the night.  M placed two ground poles, parallel to each other, in the middle of the arena, and we had to ride between them, and perform whatever change of gait she requested.  The first time Harley got near them, he didn’t want to have anything to do with those horse eating poles!  He woke up long enough to notice that he was about to walk between them, and started backing up as fast as he could.  He had to be forced through them twice before he stopped panicking when we were approaching them.  He’s such a chicken!

I had a really had time getting the correct canter lead during these exercises.  When I’m not on the rail, I get confused about what way to angle the horse.  If you want the right canter lead, you angle left; if you want the left, you angle right.  It seems so simple, but I mess it up if I’m not on the rail.  I’m happy to say that Kim was having a harder time with the canter exercise than I was; Sammy was being lazy and would only trot, or he kept picking up the wrong lead.  I would really like to try some of these equitation exercises on Blondie.  Hopefully D will get her racking soon, and I can actually start learning how to ride my own horse!