Kekkon Dekinai Otoko 5


The theme of this episode was chores.  The episode starts out with Kuwano cleaning his apartment. As you can guess, he’ extremely anal about his abode.  He even polishes under the table.  Doesn’t he realize that life is too short for a clean house??  Go out and do something!

Stopping by to see Natsumi because he is suffering from a headache, he over hears her tell her assistants that she hates doing household chores.  He then has a reason to rip on her after she suggests he take aspirin before coming to see her.  If she doesn’t like to do chores, she’ll never get married. 

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Meeting up with Michiru later at the manga cafe, she complains that Kuwano is always showing up at her office, but he won’t listen to her advice about his health.  Michiru suggests they go get a drink, call up Eiji, and talk badly about Kuwano.

Eiji, in the middle of a work meeting, can’t make it.  The firm has been offered another job, with a tight schedule, and Eiji is afraid they won’t be able to complete the design plans in time.  Kuwano, on the other hand, says they’ll get it done, the firm’s reputation will go up, and so will their rates. Now Eiji’s excited, too!

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Running out to the store for some groceries, Kuwano spies an energy drink, and wonders if they work.  Thinking of the long night ahead, he purchases one.  Hectic days go by, Kuwano stays up late working (and cleaning his kitchen!), and the day the plans are due, he hands them to Eiji.  Maya stops by, and says that there’s another architect available to help them with their work.  Kuwano flatly refuses the assistance, despite Eiji’s belief that they need the help.  After Maya leaves, Kuwano collapses.

Back in the hospital, it seems that Kuwano’s lack of personal care has caught up with him.  He’s been ordered by Natsumi to stay in the hospital for at least a few days.  He insists he has to work, but Eiji tells he that the work has been given to the other architect.  Kuwano is furious, and the two of them argue.  Telling him to just leave, Eiji thinks he’s been fired, and doesn’t even care.

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Sneaking out of the hospital, Kuwano heads home to complete some of his work.  Unfortunately, he dropped his USB drive on the floor of his hospital room.  Natsumi finds it, and agrees to return it if she can examine him and determine that he’s healthy enough to work.  Reluctantly agreeing, and doing so because he doesn’t have a backup of the data, he opens his apartment door at her arrival.  She’s distracted by Michiru, and Kuwano snatches the drive out of her hand, slams the door shut, and throws the deadbolt.  So much for his physical.

At Michiru’s, Natsumi complains about Kuwano.  Eiji calls, interrupting her tirade.  He was going to Kuwano’s to offer to help, but he’s not sure how to approach him.  The girls tell him to come to Michiru’s apartment, and while they’re talking, they hear a crash from next door.  Thinking that Kuwano may have passed out, they break through the panel dividing their balconies (much easier than Kuwano’s Tarzan technique from earlier in the series), and see him sprawled out in his chair.  He’s only sleeping, and he tells them to leave.  After Ken darts into the apartment, Natsumi follows, and insists that she examine her patient.  She clears him for work, and goes back to Michiru’s.

Finishing his project, Kuwano takes some time off.  Opening his refrigerator, he finds the meal that Michiru and Natsumi made for him.  Scoffing at the note she left for him, he tastes the cabbage that she prepared, and doesn’t hesitate to voice everything that’s wrong with it.  No wonder, he laughs,  with cooking skills like these, she can’t get married.

Kuwano is so anal, he could never live with another being.  The slightest bit of clutter would have him leaping from his balcony.  This episode really focused on his idiosyncrasies regarding his house.  He never lets anyone else inside and he has to stop whatever he’s doing to clean the slightest mess.  I’m hoping he’ll come and clean my kitchen soon; I have to admit that after watching this episode, I was moved to clean my computer desk.  I threw out 2 small bags of accumulated crap!  See, J-dramas do serve a benefit!!