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The Sunday Post is hosted by Kimba of The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  This is a weekly meme where we can share news of the week and highlight new books received.

Well, my weekend got off to a crappy start.  There’s a pun there, too.  Friday night, Poppy got sick, and when she started vomiting and pooping blood, I FREAKED OUT.  So, it was a frantic drive in the snow to the 24 hour animal hospital.  Apparently, Friday nights are pretty busy there – while we were taken to an exam room right away, it took quite a while to see the on-duty vet, run some tests, and get checked out.  They think she either had some kind of an infection or had caught a virus, and sent us home with antibiotics.  The regular vet called me this morning, and she mentioned that she had just seen another dog with similar symptoms, so she thinks it’s some kind of virus that’s going around. 

We got back home just after 1 am, and I had a hard time sleeping, so I spent Saturday in a bit of a fog.  I do think that I should qualify for a preferred parking space at the hospital, though I do hope I will never have to go there again!

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Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews to share new additions to our library.  Click here to learn more about it.

New Arrivals at the Café:


Something Sweeter

Moth and Spark

Honor Among Thieves: Star Wars (Empire and Rebellion) (my inner fan-girl is GEEKED)

House of Secrets: Battle of the Beasts


The School for Good and Evil #2: A World without Princes

Loving Cara (Love Under the Big Sky)

Let the Sky Fall

Let the Storms Break

My Last Kiss

A great big thanks to the publishers for their continued support!

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