Novella Review: Languish by Alyxandra Harvey

Languish: A Haunting Violet novella

Contain Spoilers


I really enjoy Alyxandra Harvey’s writing style, so when I saw Languish available for check out at the library, I didn’t hesitate to click the Borrow button.  This is a fast, entertaining read that follows Violet on her quest to regain her ability to see ghosts.  After all of the harrowing action in Haunting Violet,  her third eye has remained stubbornly blind, and she’s getting tired of waiting for it to open again.  Even when Lord Jasper advises patience, and to not force her powers to work again, she still has to try to take charge of her wayward ghost-seeing skills, opening herself up to danger and near disaster.

When stomping through the local graveyard and demanding that the spirits make themselves known to her fails miserably, Violet is vexed that she still can’t see ghosts.  Taking solace in her new and improved circumstances, she thinks that maybe Lord Jasper is correct, and there’s just no hurrying her powers back.  When several mishaps befall the household, though, she begins to wonder whether her guardian’s new lady friend is responsible, or if there is a more sinister force at work.  Awaking in her bedchamber to see a ring of ghosts surrounding her bed, she works in earnest to solve the mystery before she, or someone else, gets killed.

I love Violet.  She is so stubborn and so determined to be self-reliant, even though she has so many resources available to give her a helping hand and reduce the danger she’s always making for herself.  In this novella, she causes most of her own misery.  Having a temper tantrum in the middle of a graveyard is so not the best course of action for a girl with powerful psychic abilities.  She not only puts herself in grave danger, she also makes life very perilous for both Lord Jasper and Colin.  If she had just listened to Jasper, she would have avoided so much grief! 

Fun, quick read for fans of Haunting Violet.

Grade:  B

Review copy provided by my local library

From Amazon:

There was a time when all Violet Willoughby could see were the ghosts that crowded her at every turn–standing outside of her bedroom window, whirling between couples at balls, and following her around the grounds of Lord Jasper’s extensive estate. But ever since she solved the murder of a debutante and laid her ghost to rest, her third eye has been frustratingly closed. In an attempt to open re-awaken her psychic talents, Violet tries to communicate with The Lonely Lord, a restless ghost rumored to haunt the local graveyard and to bestow luck in love upon couples. But when she inadvertently awakens a mysterious, bloodthirsty spirit determined to kill Colin and Lord Jasper–the two men she cares for most in the world–Violet must once again focus her talents on preventing an unknown killer from striking again.